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Fashion Trends 2021

New Year new fashion trends! Upon my research I have found there is about to be a major shift in fashion trends. Every year there are certain pieces that trend and are added to wardrobes, but many styles remained classic. But according to the trends, skinny jeans, muted colors, and the slim fit clothes areContinue reading “Fashion Trends 2021”

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Is Fast Fashion Bad?

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the topic “fast fashion.” People want to know what it is, if it’s bad, and what are the alternatives. I have already written a post descrribing what fast fashion is, and you can find it HERE. I will also be following up with fast fashion alternatives, soContinue reading “Is Fast Fashion Bad?”

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What is Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion is something that has been around for decades. The term itself has become more popular in the past couple of years as awareness has spread. Consumers are starting to realize what fast fashion is and the impact it has. The way we consume clothing is shifting and people are starting to change theirContinue reading “What is Fast Fashion?”

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