How to De-Stress After Work

It is always important to take time to de-stress after work. We often get overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated. It’s important not to carry all that stress into our home life.

Take time to relax and unwind after work, with these ideas.

Have a Drink

If you are of age, go ahead and have a nice alcoholic beverage. A glass of wine, hard seltzer, or beer can help to take the edge off after work.

If you are not of age or don’t drink alcohol, you can make yourself a nice drink for the season. Have a glass of lemonade in the summer or a cup of hot chocolate in the winter.

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Tune out of Reality

Watch an episode or two of a show you like, watch a movie, or read a book. Something to get your mind out of the real world and away from stress.

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Change out of your work clothes and into something comfy or some workout clothes.

Try some at-home exercises, go for a walk/run, or try some yoga. Something to get your body moving and happy brain chemicals releasing.

Take a Nap

There’s no shame in taking a rest after work. Especially if you work irregular hours. Let your mind and body fully rest if you need to.

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Spend Time With Your Pet(s) if you have any

I find it incredibly relaxing to sit with my pets and allow their love to melt my stress away.

I hope you will try one of these tips to de-stress after work.

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How to Appreciate the World Around You

It’s so important to appreciate the world around you. Life moves so fast and we get so caught up in work, stress, and daily obligations.

We need to take the time to slow down, absorb life, and learn to loo inward.

Get Outside

This is my personal favorite way to appreciate the world and take a second to slow down.

Go out for a walk around your neighborhood or even just in your backyard. Stop and admire some flowers, smell the roses, admire the pretty colors.

Go to your local park for a walk or a rest. Lay down outside in the grass or on a towel if grass makes you itchy. Pick a few daisies and make a bouquet or put them in your hair.

Sit on the porch to watch the sunrise or sunset, really take in the fresh morning or evening air. You don’t have to go far to enjoy nature outside.

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Sit in your room, or lay down outside. Listen to a guided meditation, peaceful music, calming nature sounds, or just enjoy the silence.

You could take this time to think of what you’re grateful for, set intentions, or repeat positive affirmations.

For a more in-depth look at meditation, check out this blog post HERE.

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Read Poetry

Pick up a poetry book or find some popular poems online. Take time and read the poem slowly; go line by line and really absorb the words, the metaphors, and the meaning.

Analyze the poem and take the words to heart, let them shape you.

Words can be very powerful, and reading poetry is a great way to appreciate life and the depth of human emotion.

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Gratitude List

This is not as intensive as keeping a gratitude journal, but still good for the mind and soul.

Write down the things your grateful for, just on a single page in a notebook or a piece of paper. Elaborate on your list to really make yourself think about all the things your grateful for.

For example if you’re grateful for flowers; you could write about how you appreciate the beautiful colors, fragrant scents, soft petals, and the different types.

Or if you’re grateful for sunsets; you could say they look like natural paintings, beautiful colors, how they always look different, how they are awe inspiring, and how they are grounding.

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I hope this list lifts your soul and inspired you to go out and do something to make you appreciate the world around you.

We live on a beautiful planet and we should take the time to really take it in and appreciate all it has to offer.

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10 Inspiring Quotes to Live By

We love quotes because sometimes other people are able to articulate into words what we feel. Quotes also help us to feel powerful and inspired, especially if we are feeling low.Words have the power to influence us, and the way we think and they way we live.If you find yourself influenced or inspired by words and quotes, then here are 10 inspiring quotes to live by and take to heart.

1. “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.”

2. “Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world.”

3. “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The Time will pass anyway.”

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4. “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality.”

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5. “You should tell people how important they are to you. Not because they could leave at any moment, but because they’re here now, and it’s worth saying something.”

6. “It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down. What matters is who made you smile again.

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7. “Love didn’t hurt you. Someone who doesn’t know how to love hurt you. Don’t confuse the two.”

8. “Find a vacation every day, even if it’s walking outside and feeling the grass between your toes.”

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9. “Never let anyone treat you like regular glue. You’re glitter glue.”

10. “You can still radiate light if you’re sad. You can still be kind and soft-hearted if you’re a bit cynical. You don’t need to be the happiest person to make someone else’s day better.”

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These are all quotes that I really love, and I hope you are able to find some truth and encouragement in them. I think it would be a great idea to write one or a few of these down on a sticky note or something where you can see these inspiring quotes every day.

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5 Simple Acts of Self Care

Self-care can often feel overwhelming; we get too busy with life and push it to the side. We think self-care has to be something big like going for a run or creating a strict and elaborate night time routine.

But the seemingly smallest acts can be amazing for your mental and physical well-being. I am going to share with you 5 simple acts of self-care you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.

1. Drink Water

I know you probably get told this all the time, and that’s because it’s important! It’s healthy for your body and your mind.

I am guilty of forgetting to drink water; if you’re like me I recommend setting a reminder in your phone to drink water. Mine is set to remind me every 2 hours between 8am and 8pm.

Carry a water bottle with you everywhere so you always have access to it. Add ice, add flavorings, anything that will encourage you to drink it.

Water Self Care
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2. Eat Something Healthy

With the fast pace of life, it’s so easy to grab a granola bar, frozen meal, or eat out without thinking about it. But take a step back and make sure you’re eating well, even if it’s just one thing a day.

Have a bowl of berries at breakfast, have carrots and ranch or hummus as a snack, or add a side of peas to dinner. Make an effort to add something fresh and healthy to your day.

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3. Stretch

I’m not telling you to go out and run a marathon, just stretch. Every morning after you get out of bed, take a minute to stretch. This will keep you physically healthy and get your body and mind ready for the day.

You can find plenty of easy stretches on Pinterest and do them every day.

4. Go Outside

Even if it’s only 5 minutes, get outside and absorb some sunlight. Admire the flowers, breathe in fresh air, and really feel the nature around you.

This will help you slow down and really take in life, and see how beautiful it is.

Outside Self Care
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5. Read

Take a little bit of time out of your day to read. This can be a novel, poetry, self-care/self-help books, a biography, non-fiction books, anything you enjoy reading.

Take time to yourself to relax and also open and enrich your mind.

Read Self Care
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Please take time every single to take care of yourself. No act of self-care is too small, every little thing works towards your physical and mental health.

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10 Things to Journal About

Be honest, we’ve all had the urge to keep a journal, or be the journaling “type.” At some point you have tried to keep a journal or a diary, and ultimately failed. I get it, we forget, have an uneventful day, or get bored.

The problem with journaling, and the reasons we all fail, is because we burn out doing it every day, or we feel we don’t have anything to write about.

I am going to give you 10 things to journal about. You can choose whichever one(s) interest you and you feel you can write about.

I’d also like to add that you are under no obligation to write an entry in your journal every day. It should be enjoyable, not obligatory.

1. Graditude

This is pretty much how it sounds. Write down the things you feel grateful for and appreciate. You can try to do this daily, a couple times a week, or just when something comes to mind.

2. Things/Events You Want to Remember

This is something I do. I keep a special journal to write down the special events I want to remember.

Things like first dates, vacations, graduations, etc. It doesn’t even have to be a “big event,” maybe you just had a beautiful day that you want to remember.

notebook opened on desk near books
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3. Emotions You Want to Capture

This is similar to the one above but emotions rather than events.

Maybe you’re feeling sad and you want to remember exactly how it felt. Write it down as detailed as possible.

Or maybe you’re feeling really peaceful and happy, write down every detail of that feeling.

It’s always cool to be able to go back into a really specific emotion.

4. Things You Find Beautiful

This is something you can journal about whenever you feel inspired. This can be things you find in nature, feelings about love, some modern creations you find interesting, etc.

It’s always great to write down all the beautiful things in the world. It can also help to lift your spirits when you’re down!

lake and mountain
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5. People

This might sound stalker-ish but it’s a cool idea. Have a journal about people!

You can write down facts about them, your feelings about them experiences with them, etc.

I think it’s interesting to keep a little record of all the people in your life.

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6. General Timeline of the Year

Keep a journal of your year without feeling obligated to write every day. Do a recap of your week every week, jot down just the bigger events, or just do a monthly recap.

Just something where you can look back and remember the year. And some day you’ll see you’ve kept an easy record of your life!

7. Your Favorites (with the date)

Keep track of your favorites; favorite food, book, TV show, hobby, animal, etc. Keep a journal of these and add the dates so you can see how you’ve changed.

8. Things that Make You Happy

This is similar to number 4 but a bit more personal. Write down all the things that bring you happiness and joy.

No matter how big or how small, write it down. From the ocean, to ladybugs, write down everything that makes you happy.

It will put your mind in a positive place and train you to see the good in the world.

It will also give you something to look at when you’re feeling down.

close up photo of ladybug on leaf during daytime
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9. Hobbies

Dedicate a journal to one of your hobbies. Make a catalogue of plants, animals, stones, etc.

Or make an art journal or poetry journal.

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10. Get a “pre-made” Journal

If you really struggle to keep a journal, you can get ones with prompts already in it.

I love this 5-Year Journal from Target. You answer the same questions every day for a year for 5 years. Then you can see how you’ve changed over 5 Years.

There’s no reason for you to give up on journaling. I really hope you decide to try one some of these prompts and try to keep a journal.

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How to Make Your Room Smell Amazing

Having a room that smells amazing is great, right? But often times we are forgetful or don’t know the best method for your space. In this post I am going to share the three best ways to make your room smell amazing, and how and where to use them.


This is probably the best option if it works for your lifestyle. There are so many scents, looks, and wicks. Candles are great to add a great scent to your whole house or just one room!

Candles looks beautiful, smell incredible, and can be found pretty much everywhere. There are even plenty of supplies out there to make your own candles. And now there are even different types of wicks, so it can crackle like a fire!

But there are a few problems with candles. If you have smoke detectors, they can set them off if they are too close. They could also potentially be dangerous if you leave them unattended, as it is an open flame.

However, if you’re worried about leaving the candle burning, you could set a timer on your phone to extinguish it after an hour or two. Or leave a note at your door so you don’t leave it burning while you’re out.

But if setting off your smoke detectors is your concern, it’s probably best to consider a different option for a room scent.

photo of quran beside candle
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Scentsy/Wax Warmer

The next best option is to use wax. I like a well-known brand called “Scentsy.” They have so many beautiful looks and scents. These are great for warming a room or a whole house depending on the size.

Basically, you pick your warmer, ranging from a small plug-in to the size of a large candle. They have a variety of beautiful colors, patterns, and themes. Then you choose your scents. They have so many scents to choose from that come in segmented bars.

The warmer works using a lightbulb, and has a base on top where you put the wax. When you turn it on it heats up and melts the wax to activate the scent. It works the same way a candle would but without the flame.

six halogen bulbs
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Room Spray

This is still a great option to make your room smell good, but it doesn’t make for a pretty display like the other two options. Room sprays are better for larger areas, spraying one in a small enclosed area can be a little overpowering.

I got my room sprays from Bath and Body Works. I have one that is cinnamon vanilla that I use all the time. I also have a eucalyptus scent that is meant to be calming that I use once in a while.

If you want to use these in a smaller room, I recommend spraying it before you leave so when you come back the scent has dispersed a bit.

brown wooden handled brush beside white ceramic vase on brown wooden table
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I hope this has been good motivation to go out and buy a candle, scentsy, or room spray to make your room smell amazing!

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Using Art for Relaxation

Using art for relaxation is an overlooked form of de-stressing. Finding ways to relax is essential for your mental health, happiness, and well-being. The obvious methods are meditation, yoga, and reading. Art is a fantastic way to relax , and you don’t need to be an amazing artist to enjoy it.

Certain art mediums are better than others for those who are not professional artists. I am going to share with you the 4 best art forms for relaxation.


This is by far the easiest, most relaxing, and least expensive art form for relaxation. They make so many adult coloring books that are intricate and so fun. There are so many topics and types of coloring books for whatever you like!

You can use colored pencils, crayons, or markers. They are easy to work on small sections of one page, or do a full page in a day.

It’s great to work on while you listen to music, watch a movie, or sit outside.

person coloring art with crayons
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This is also a pretty inexpensive and easily attainable option. All you really need for watercolor painting is special watercolor paper, brushes, and watercolor paints.

This method is great because you can focus on blending colors and experimenting with water and creating sections with tape.

It’s also very easy to create a simple sunset, ocean scene, or mountains. There is just so much potential with watercolors and it’s so relaxing and fun.

pink and blue watercolor painting
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Soft Pastels

This might be my favorite art form for relaxation. All you really need is soft pastels, smooth paper (like printer paper), and tissues.

Soft pastels are a little messy but that’s the fun part! They blend so beautifully and look so soft and dreamy.

Similar to watercolors they are fun to blend and you can easily create a sunset, ocean scene, or mountains.

I like to blend the pastels with my fingers but of you don’t like to be messy you could totally blend them with a tissue or q-tip.


This may be the most expensive and least free-flow method on this list. But still very fun and relaxing. For this you’ll need acrylic paints, brushes, and mixed media paper or canvas.

This isn’t one where you can just blend colors and chill. You kind of need to paint something. It’s easier to fill in an already drawn picture.

With acrylics it’s really fun to play around with textures, using globs to paint for a bumpy texture.

I definitely recommend going out and trying one or all of these art forms for relaxation. It’s so much fun to create and a great way to lift your mood and ease your soul.

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How to Use a Planner

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of buying a planner and then never using it. Which is a shame, because planners can be incredibly helpful.

They keep track of all your events and to-do lists and help you create healthy routines.

So, instead of letting a beautiful planner sit on your desk collecting dust, I am going to share with you some tips for using a planner to your advantage.

Day to Day Section of the Planner

There are many types of planners out there, but the majority of them do have a week per spread broken up into days. This section is incredibly helpful for to-do lists and routines.

I like to write down everything I need to do in the day. I typically sit down every Sunday to write out my schedule for the next week. And I make a more detailed list the day before.

Write down everything you want to accomplish that day. Be ambitious but realistic. Try to push yourself to get done everything that needs to be done, but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

I tend to write down everything chronologically if I can. It helps me keep order to my day. Obviously last-minute additions come up and that’s okay.

It may also be helpful to put a little icon next to anything that is low priority or you may not be able to complete. I usually add a (?) next to these tasks.

white paper with black pen
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Monthly Layout

Again, there are several different planners, but the majority of them include a calendar spread at the beginning of every month. This section is great for events, special dates, and due dates.

This is a great place to write down birthdays, events, and special dates. It gives you a quick overview of the month and anything you have to attend or remember.

I like it because you don’t need a lot of space to write down an event for the little squares are perfect.

Separating events and daily routines helps the planner look less cluttered and overwhelming. It also gives some order to your life to keep you from getting stressed.

photo of planner and writing materials
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Picking out a Planner

This is my favorite part of owning a planner, and the most overlooked. I love going to Target and spending 20-30 minutes picking out a planner and thinking of what layout works best for my life in the upcoming year.

It’s important to analyze your lifestyle and what you’ll be using it for. My taste in planners is much different now that I am out of school.

Think about if you want time stamps on the days, vertically or horizontally sectioned days, and any extra pages that might be important to you.

My planner has a section at the beginning of each week to write my goals, to-dos, people to catch up with, books to read, self-care.

I really like having this in my planner, but you might not. Not every planner is the same and it’s important to get the one that suits you best.

crop woman writing down notes in diary
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Make Your Own Planner

If you can’t find the perfect planner anywhere, you could always make your own! You could try your hand at a bullet journal, or just create a regular planner.

This helps you design a planner that perfectly matches your scheduling needs. It can also be a fun project to work out in the beginning or throughout the year!

I haven’t had much luck with bullet journals but there are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest, YouTube, Blogs, etc.

It’s a bit more work but worth it if you use the planner to your advantage and get the most out of it!

opened diary with pencil placed on desk
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I know we tend to buy our planners in December or January but if you don’t have one already go get one now!! It will be so amazing to have in your life, it’s never to late to start a planner.

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How to Meditate at Work

Many of us face some form (or many) of stress at work. We often get overwhelmed, which can quickly lead to irritability and anxiety.

I know it sounds a bit odd to meditate at work, but it is a great way to relieve stress and is more doable than it sounds.

There are many different ways to get in a quick meditation at work. It doesn’t interfere with your work day and is easy to do and relaxing.

In this post I will share how, where, and when to meditate at work. And I will share my favorite way to meditate at work, it’s super simple and incredibly helpful.

meditating with candles and incense
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How to Meditate at Work

Insight Timer is my recommendation for quick meditations, and meditation in general. It has plenty of meditation practices that are under 5 minutes.

You could also find a relaxing song to use for meditating or make a playlist of various possible songs to use.

Or if you prefer silence, you don’t necessarily need any audio for your meditation.

Where to Meditate at Work

The most private place to meditate at work is your car. If you can take a quick walk to your car, that’s the best option. But if you park in a parking garage or a few blocks away, then this may not be the best option.

If you work in a private cubicle, office, or have your own space that would also work well.

The bathroom is also a great option for a quick meditation. It’s easy to slip into a stall and have a few minutes of alone time.

The break room is another option if you can be in there alone, or if you don’t mind meditating in front of others.

person hand on steering wheel
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When to Meditate at Work

When you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed out at work, it’s time to step away to meditate. You could take advantage of your rest and lunch breaks to meditate and ease your nerves.

If you are not near a break, you can take a quick trip to the bathroom to meditate and calm yourself before continuing to work. Or slip away to your car for a couple minutes if your boss doesn’t mind.

Another option is to take a few minutes to meditate in your care before you go into work, or after work before you drive home.

frustrated black woman sitting in room
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My favorite Quick Meditation

This is a meditation practice I found on Insight Timer; it only takes a few minutes. You can do this with or without music, or find the actual practice on the app.

What you’re going to do is close your eyes, put your hand on your chest, and take some deep breaths.

Closing your eyes and taking deep breaths will always help to relax and slow down. But what’s different about this is putting your hand on your chest. Feeling your own skin will help you to feel more grounded and connected.

This is my favorite way to quickly meditate to calm down and ease stress.

smiling crop woman with crossed hands
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It’s not silly or wasteful to meditate at work, it’s important self-care and you deserve to feel at ease and refreshed at work. It’s always okay to take time for you.

If you’d like more tips on meditation, check out my post HERE.

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5 Easy Ways Show Your Significant Other You Love Them

We all want to make our significant other happy in our relationships. It’s important to always be putting in effort to your relationship and keeping the love alive.

This can admittedly be hard. We run out of grand gestures, and tend to settle into mundane routines. This will often leave us bored and feeling like the relationship has lost its magic.

But having a relationship isn’t always about grand gestures, “the honeymoon phase,” or the big milestones. Sometimes it’s about the little things.

It’s important to show how much you care through small gestures and surprises. Doing the little things to keep that magic alive.

In this post I will share with you 5 small ways to surprise your significant other.

1. Send a Text

This is great because it costs nothing, takes only a few minutes, but means a lot. Text your significant other to say you love them or you’re thinking about them. You could even type out how much they mean to you and why you love them.

This simple gesture will show your partner they were on your mind and that they’re special to you. It will brighten their day and make them feel loved.

I would also recommend adding an emoji besides a happy face or a heart. Change it up and use a flower emoji, a sun, or lips! Just a fun added detail that also shows you put in a little extra effort.

smiling black woman using smartphone near colorful wall
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2. Get Their Favorite Drink

Whether they like Starbucks, smoothies, or sodas, treat them to their favorite drink! It only costs a few bucks and will brighten their day.

This will show them you cared enough to go out of your way for them, and that you listened when they told you their favorite drink!

berries blackberries close up cocktail
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3. Leave a Note

This is basically the old-fashioned version of sending a text! But I find it to be more personal and romantic.

Write your partner a little note and leave it for them to find. This can be anything from a several paragraph love letter, to a sweet and simple “I love you.”

You can leave it for them on the mirror, their car, their wallet, the front door, etc.

This will make their whole day and remind them how special and loved they are.

person holding white printer paper
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4. Plan a Romantic Date

Take some time to plan a surprise date! Not for an anniversary or special occasion, just because!

You could plan a dinner date at home, make reservations at a fancy restaurant, plan a picnic in the park, etc. For more date ideas, you can check out this post HERE.

Having a date for no particular reason is always sweet and special. And you have free range to decide how cheap or expensive you’d like it to be! (A date doesn’t have to be expensive to be great!)

couple having a picnic
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5. Get Them Flowers

This is a very simple gesture, I know. But getting someone flower when it isn’t an anniversary or birthday means a lot. It’s romantic, sweet, and unexpected.

They’ll feel special when you give them the flowers, and they’ll think of you every time they see them!

Flowers are a bright and beautiful way to show someone you care.

cheerful hispanic couple with bright red roses kissing
Photo by Budgeron Bach on

No matter what stage you’re in in your relationship, it’s always important to keep the magic alive, and keep showing your partner how much you love them.

It doesn’t take a lot, any one of these small gestures would mean the world to your significant other.

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