Fashion Trends 2021

New Year new fashion trends! Upon my research I have found there is about to be a major shift in fashion trends. Every year there are certain pieces that trend and are added to wardrobes, but many styles remained classic. But according to the trends, skinny jeans, muted colors, and the slim fit clothes are going out of style. My theory is the quarentine has caused people to change their stay-at-home fashion and it has reached high fashion. Loose fits and relaxed cuts are coming into fashion and align with the 2020 lounge wear trend. I am going to list some of the fashion trends we will be seeing in 2021.


Belts have always been a part of fashion, but not like they are now. The fashion trends 2021 is following includes belts as statement pieces to tie an outfit together, Big belts with statement colors and buckles are in fashion and making a statement. They are a great addition to a dress, a tucked in work outfit, or high waisted jeans.


brown and white floral panty on white textile
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Bralettes are coming into fashion not as a cute bra, but to be worn as a top by itself! This is going to be a bigger trend come summertime. But fancy bralettes are being worn as tops either by themself or with a button up on top. This is a popular trend to pair with high waisted shorts or skirts.

Bright Colors

This is becoming a fashion trend 2021 is seeing. Bright colors paired together with various patterns as well. Not a whole lot of matching required, just pairing bright colors together to make a statement. I have a feeling pastels will always be popular in the springtime, but overall bold colors are coming into fashion.

Statement Sleeves

valentine's day outfit idea
puff sleeves and skirt

This is definitely something that was gaining popularity in 2020, but it’s getting even more popular now. Puff sleeves in particular are becoming very popular, and it’s something you can find almost everywhere now. I personally love this very romantic sillhouette and will be grabbing them while they are in fashion! They make for a great extra detail to an outfit while still remaining fairly simple. This outfit looks great with jeans, skirts, and trousers!

Maxi Dresses

This beautiful long sillhouette is back! As part of the laid back trends we’ve been seeing, maxi dresses fit right in! They are flowy and simple and come in so many styles and colors. They are great for every season and can be changed up depending on what shoes you choose!

Sweater Vests

Sweater Vest
Casual Pink Sweater Vest

This is another trend that popped up in 2020 but seems to be a fashion trend 2021 is keeping. This old look is getting a new breath of life! These sweater vests look great over button up and paired with jeans or trousers. The trend for this look is to wear the button up untucked, which contradicts how they used to be worn years ago. I have a feeling these will be popular in the summer without the button up underneath.

Loose Fitting/Wide Leg Pants

This is the biggest fashion trend in my opinion. This trend is getting extreamly popular and taking over all the stores. You can find a pair of wide leg trousers almost anywhere now. This is another trend that aligns with the laid back style that is so popular. From boot cut to flare, these pants are everywhere. High waisted pleated trousers are also gaining popularity. They aren’t wide legged but they have a looser fit.


This is another one that I think will pick up popularity in the spring and summer. Floral prints seem to be fashionable again. These are particularly common in tops and blouses but I would not be surprised to see some floral prints on shorts and skirts come spring and summer. I think this trend will also work hand in hand with the bold color trend. I have a post on how to style floral prints HERE.


White Dress
White Dress

This color seems to be trending thoughout the fashion categories, but particularly with dresses. White dresses seem to be making a big statement. Again this goes along with the laid back/breezy aesthetic that is popular in 2021. This is a really simple and pretty look. I predict we will see a lot of statement belts with this look as well.

Oversized Jackets

Dress with oversized jacket
Oversized pink Jacket with colorful floral dress

To be honest, oversized anything seems to be in style, but particularly in jackets and blazers. The oversized look is very on trend right now. Lots of oversized blazers being paired with trousers and relaxed jeans. I thinik this trend will be popular with the bralettes.

These are the biggest fashion trends of 2021 I have found. As always, keep in mind fashion is an expression of self and you should always wear what makes you feel the most confident. I also think it can be fun to play around with new trends; you might even find a new style you love!

Is Fast Fashion Bad?

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the topic “fast fashion.” People want to know what it is, if it’s bad, and what are the alternatives. I have already written a post descrribing what fast fashion is, and you can find it HERE. I will also be following up with fast fashion alternatives, so be sure to check back for that. In this post I will be answering the question “is fast fashion bad?”

person holding sewing machine
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Is Fast Fashion Bad?

The short answer to this question is yes, fast fashion is bad. It his harsh on the planet, harmful for the workers, and often a disappointment to the buyer. As I mentioned in my previous post about what fast fashion is, it is often cheap and created quickly. This leads to a disregard for the environment and the consumer.

Environmental Impact

Fast fashion brands do not take the environment into account when creating their clothes. The clothes themselves are made out of materials like polyester that never degrade properly and end up poluting the environment. In addition, cheap dyes are used to color the clothes which will wash off and wind up in the ocean and other water sources. The dyes are not made using eco friendly ingredients which causes harm to the environment. Furthermore, the clothes are only created to last a season or two since the styles are so trendy. This results in them being thrown away after a year or so. And as I mentioned before, the materials don’t degrade back into the environment.


Clothing made for fast fashion brands are essensially created in sweat shops. Brands outsource the labor so they can pay lower prices and get the clothes quickly. Speed is of the utmost importance to these companies so they can sell the pieces before they go out of style. The workers are able to be paid unfair wages since they are outside the US. Yet they are expected to do quick and intensive work to get the clothing done as quickly as possible.

The Disappointment of Being the Buyer

At a glance, these fast fashion brands look great. The prices are low, the styles are trendy, and there are hundreds of pieces to choose from. But at what cost. The prices my be low, but so is the quality. These pieces are made from cheap fabric and fall apart quickly. The cheap dyes cause the clothes to stain skin and under garments. Many of these styles are so trendy that look out of place once they are out of style. These brands want to sell stylish clothes quickly and for a profit, but it’s the consumer that gets the short end of the stick. The clothes look cute on the models but are uderwhelming in person.


Fast fashion is bad. It harms the environment, exploits the workers, and disappoints the buyer. Luckily, there are alternatives to fast fashion. Be sure to check back for my next post about the alternatives!

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion is something that has been around for decades. The term itself has become more popular in the past couple of years as awareness has spread. Consumers are starting to realize what fast fashion is and the impact it has. The way we consume clothing is shifting and people are starting to change their habits.

Pile of clothes
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What is Fast Fashion

Most people who have a basic understanding of fast fashion will know that it is generally cheap and not well made. Beyond that, it is taking the latest trends from the catwalk and recreating the pieces to sell in stores within days. Companies do this to be sure they can sell the latest trends before they go out of style. However, this means the clothes have to be made quickly and using cheap materials. Clothes that come out of these brands are not designed to last for years, or really beyond the season they are in style. They are good for a few wears before they begin to fall apart. The labor used to create these clothes comes from workers outside of the US earning low wages.

This style of fashion is designed to sell clothes quickly and keep up with trends. Many of these brands will have thousands of clothing options, all following the latest trends. The stores change with the trends and it’s out with the old and in with the new every season.

What Are the Brands?

These brands are often recognizable by their low prices, trendy pieces, and wide variety of clothes. Here are a few fast fashion brands:

  • Romwe
  • Shein
  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Forever21
  • TopShop
  • Fashion Nova

Of course there are many more than this list but these are some of the bigger ones. All of these companies are known for keeping up with the trends and keeping prices low.

I encourage you to do some more intensive research on fast fashion if you are curious and want to know the story behind the clothes you buy. This is just a brief overview of fast fashion and what it is and how it works. I hope this was helpful and gave you some insight into the fashion world.

Outfits That Look Good on Everyone

On this blog I do my best to create content to help you find outfit inspiration, how to style different outfits, and how to shop. But I understand it can be a lot to think about sometimes. So, I’ve put together a list of outfits that look good on everyone. No matter your height, shape, or skin tone, these outfits are flattering. I’ve also included a nice range from simple outfits to dressy. This helps take some of the pressure off all the factors that go into fashion. You can choose any one of these outfits and I promise you will look fabulous!

Black on Black

Black on Black

I adore the monochrome black on black look! Black in general is a slimming color, so wearing it head to toe is ultra-flattering! It will also make you appear taller if you’re short because it follows your figure smoothly. I also like this outfit because it creates a nice base to add colored accessories and jewelry if you’d like. This is a great outfit choice for anyone, and it’s an easy outfit to find. You can get a black shirt and black pants pretty much anywhere!

Fit and Flare Dress

Fit and Flare dress
fit and flare dress

This is one of the dressier outfits that looks good on everyone. I love love love fit and flare dresses! They are so flattering and girly and beautiful. This silhouette looks great on everyone! It is fitted at the top and flares out at the skirt so no matter your shape it’ll give you an hourglass shape. You can also find them in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your style. The one I am wearing in this photo has a bit of a higher waistline than the average fit and flare but you can still see how flattering it is. I am also wearing it over a body suit for extra warmth. This dress is versatile through winter and summer.

Leggings and a Long Shirt

Long shirt with leggings

This outfit can be dressed up or down depending on the long shirt you choose. This outfit looks good on everyone because the leggings (I recommend black) are slimming and flattering on the legs, and the long shirt help elongate your figure. This is another versatile outfit where you can do a fitted shirt for a slime chic look. You can also wear an oversized shirt for a more casual outfit with some retro 90’s vibes. You can also add a pair of black heeled boots if you’re shorter to help you look taller.

Off The Shoulder

off the shoulder dress

I think off the shoulder looks are underrated. They look so elegant and flattering on everyone and can be dressed up or down. Showing off your collar bone is sexy and less intimidating than showing off cleavage if you are a bit more conservative. You can find an off the shoulder look in dresses and tops. I think every girl should have at least one off the shoulder piece in their wardrobe. I will warn you pairing jewelry with this neckline isn’t as simple as a other necklines. I have a post on how to pair jewelry like pro HERE. If you don’t have an off the shoulder piece I highly recommend you get one!

Black T Shirt and Blue Jeans

Black shirt blue jeans

This is one of my favorite outfits, and it’s my favorite outfit on men! This outfit looks amazing on absolutely everyone! No matter your size, shape, height, skin tone, or gender this outfit is great! It’s simple and flattering, it’s chic and has some subtle 50’s vibes. Similar to the black-on-black outfit, this outfit is a great base for some colored accessories and jewelry. Personally, I like to wear this outfit with some simple silver jewelry to keep it classic.


This is my list of outfits that look good on everyone. I’m sure you can find at least one outfit that fits your style. And if you don’t have a defined style yet, try on all the outfits and see which ones make you feel the most confident! Be sure to check out my other blog posts for more outfit inspiration and styling tips!

How to Thrift on ThredUp and Find Cute Clothes

person shopping online
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If you have not heard of ThredUp, it is essecialy an online thrift store. Actually, it’s the biggest online thrift store! They only accept high quality clothes and have clothes from everyday brands like J. Crew and Old Navy, to designer brands like Calvin Klein and Gucci. They have thousands of clothing pieces to choose from and to be honest, it’s almost overwheming how much they have! But if you know how to search their site, you cn find some really amazing clothes.

Before I continue with my tips on how to thrift at ThredUp, I just wanted to say that I am not being sponsored by ThredUp. All of my tips and opinions are coming from me, and I want to give you the best possible experience if you choose to try ThredUp.

A Bit About ThredUp

Firstly, I’d like to elaborate a bit more on ThredUp itself. It is an online thrift store so everything on the site is second hand and is sold below the retail price. However, they do have high quality clothes from high quality brands, so their prices are more towards affordable than cheap. What I mean is you might find a dress originally priced around $40 and pay about $25 for it. This is a bit more expensive than the $10 dress you may discover in a store front thrift store. But it is still significantly cheaper than purchasing these clothes at retail price.

I would also like to mention that they are online so it does cost to ship the clothes to you, and you must spend $79 to qualify for free shipping. I usually until I am ready to spend at least $80 on clothes before I make a purchase so I can get the free shipping.

I’d also like to add that you can only keep items in your cart for 4 hours so keep an eye on that! You are able to add it back into your cart so long as no one else has taken it yet.

Using Filters

Using the filters is probably the most important thing to do when thrifitng on ThredUp. Like I said, they have thousands of clothes listed on their site. The first filter you’ll want to use is the sizing. You can select all your sizes and even save them for later. This is super helpful so you aren’t sifting through clothes that aren’t even your size. Here are all the ways you can filter your search:

  • Category (dresses, pants, tops, etc)
  • Ways to shop (new arrivals, on sale, etc)
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Color
  • Price
  • Condition
  • Material
  • Pattern
  • Accents

If you are looking for somethig specific I recommend using as many filters as possible to help narrow it down. I personally always filter by condition (new and like new only), size, and price. Those are my go-to filters and I have had some great results!

Shopping by Brand

While I believe filtering is essensial for narrowing down your search to a reasonable number of clothes, sorting by brand is how you’ll find cute clothes. Let me break it down for you. When thrifting, there are essensially three categories of clothes you’ll find: vintage, early 2000’s, and contemporary. You are generally going to want to find clothes in the first and last category. Clothes from the early 2000’s are out of style and not what we are looking for. You want to shop by brands that are so old they are considered vintage, sell vintage styles, or are new enough that nothing is out of style yet. I personally have a thing for vintage so that’s what I go for, but they have clothes from new brands like Free people and Urban Outfitters. You’ll want to avoid brands like Abercrombie and Fitch or anything that was popular in the early 2000s and is out of style. Here are my favorite brands to shop aThredUp:

  • J Crew
  • Free People
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Liz Claiborne
  • Reformation
  • The Vintage Shop
  • Hell Bunny
  • Trixxi

The last for are more of my personal style (vintage/retro) but they all have very cute clothes. Some brands like Reformation and Free People are on the more expensive side but they are still cheaper than buying retail and they have amazing clothes!

These are my tips on how to thrift at ThredUp. I hope you will try them out, and if you do decide to give them a try you can use my like to get $10 off your first purchase!

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4 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas: Romantic, Flirty, and Modest

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! I have been a hopeless romantic my entire life and the national day of love has always held a special place in my heart! One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s Day is getting all dressed up in a beautiful outfit. I also love creating a pretty pink eyeshadow look, and styling my hair in soft curls. For me, the perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit doesn’t have to be something with hearts on it. There is a perfect outfit for everyone, whether you want to dress romantic, flirty, or modest. I have put together a few different Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for you to choose from!

Maxi Dress

valentine's day outfit idea
romantic maxi dress

A maxi dress is a great choice for Valentine’s Day because it’s a romantic sillouhette and keeps you warm seeing as it’s the middle of February! Specifically I recommend This Dress from Breath of Youth.It’s called the Someday, Somewhere Dress. It is so unbelieveably beautiful and romantic! Quite honestly you could wear anything from their site for a perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit, their aesthetic is very poetic and romantic. I love how this dress flows around me when I walk, I feel like a princess! The little floral details and the vintage puff sleeves are also so romantic! I am in love with this dress and think it would make a beautiful Valentine’s Day Outfit!

Puff Sleeves and Skirt

valentine's day outfit idea
puff sleeves and skirt

This is my fun and flirty outfit idea! I love the puff sleeves and lace collar detail on this top. It’s very flirty and romantic. I wear this outfit to work with black jeans, but for Valentine’s Day I paired it with a grey floral skirt. The skirt makes it more girly and less business casual. I also added some knee high socks for extra warmth in the cold February weather and paired it with some cute black heels to tie back into the black top and add a another girly detail. I just love how this outfit came together, it’s just so flirty! If you want to recreate this outfit you could really find any puff sleeve top and pair it with a skater skirt. The knee high socks are also affordable and easy to find. If your style is more flirty and sexy then this is the Valentine’s Day Outfit for you!

Off the Shoulder/Bell Sleeves

valentine's day outfit idea
off the shoulder and bell sleeves

Two very romantic and flirty styles are off the shoulder and bell sleeves. Off the shoulder outfits show off your collar bone which is very attractive and flattering. It also has romantic vibes and looks great on everyone! Bell sleeves are also beautiful and romantic. They have a mideval flare that is really nice and unique. The dress I am wearing here has both off the shoulder and bell sleeves but either one would make a great outfit for Valentine’s Day. You could find a nice off the shoulder top and pair it with a skirt or get a top with bell sleeves and pair it with a skirt or black jeans. Or you could very well find a dress like this with both!

Modest Valentine’s Day Outfit

valentine's day outfit idea
Modest Valentine’s Day look

This outfit is great if you have a more modest style, or just want a subtle Valentine’s Day Outfit. I just paired this simple red cardigan from Old Navy with some black jeans. The red is an obvious Valentine’s color and the black makes it chic and classic. This outfit is great if you maybe don’t have a date but want to look festive. Or if you don’t want to go all out and keep it simple this year. It’s a cute outfit and is a great option for a nice modest look!

I hope you found an outfit that fits your style for this Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check out my other posts for more outfit ideas and styling tips!

May your Valenine’s Day be filled with love and happiness!

The Right Way to Layer Clothes and Look Put Together

With winter here, it’s all about layering up and staying warm. However, there is in fact a right and a wrong way to layer clothes. This post is more aimed at showing you the correct way to layer terms in terms of length. If you layer in the wrong order or the lengths are off then the outfit can appear unflattering or sloppy. Most likely the pieces in your closet will layer beautifully, you just need a guide on how exactly how to pair everything!

The First Layer

Before we jump into layering and the how tos, I first want to give you a quick tip. Be sure the first layer is figure flattering. Your first layer should be a body suit, a fitted top, or a tucked in shirt. This will ensure that your beautiful figure isn’t lost among all the layers and help keep you looking fashionable.


Cardgian and dress

A cardigan makes for a great second layer. It’s enough to give some added warmth but thin enough to keep layering if you’d like. The rule for cardigans is it should be longer than your top, but shorter than your dress. The exception for tops if it is a button up style cardigan, then it is okay for it to be the same length as your top, or shorter if it’s a cropped cardigan. But your cardigan should always be shorter than your dress or it will look awkward and unflattering.


Pea coat

Coats are a staple in a winter wardrobe, and probably the easiest to layer. They are generally designed to go with everything, making it easy to pair. The rule for coats is that they should be the top layer, and the longest layer. It should be longer than every layer unless it’s a maxi dress or skirt, then the coat may be shorter.



Jackets are similar to coats but with a few more rules. Your jacket should be the same length as your top or shorter. Having it longer makes it appear oversized, which is unflattering for jackets. If you’re wearing a jacket with a skirt, it should be a cropped or short jacket. Generally, it should be above your hips to ensure your figure is not lost. Layering a jacket with a long top can also be very flattering.


It can sometimes be tricky to layer clothes, and always at risk for a fashion disaster. But if you follow these simple rules, I promise your outfits will look great! Be sure to check my other posts for more fashion tips!

How to Wear a Skirt in the Winter

Are your skirts sitting in your closet gathering dust this winter? Well no more! There’s no reason you shouldn’t put your skirts to good use during the winter. I am going to give you a few different outfit options to wear a skirt in the winter. Personally I love wearing skirts year round; I have a very feminine style myself and I hate feeling like I have to switch to just pants in the winter. Here are some super cute ways to wear a skirt in the winter that will also keep you warm!


Yes I know, this isn’t a revolutionary fashion tip, but it is the easiest way to wear a skirt in the winter. Tights can be added under almost any skirt and look very chic. They’re warm and sleek and don’t add unflattering extra fabric underneath. Tights come in so many colors and patterns to add some variety to the outfit as well. This outfit I have here is a pretty classic way to wear a skirt in the winter. A solid colored top with a basic skirt and black tights. This is my personal favorite way to wear my skirts in the cooler months.

Skirt with tights

Over the Knee Socks

This is a fun and flirty way to wear a skirt in the winter. These are just some plain over the knee socks I got from Amazon, you can find them here. They’re pretty warm and make for a very flirty outfit. This is one of my favorite outfits. However I will warn you this is not ideal for areas that get into very low temperatures. This outfit is great if you live in a generally warmer climate, are planning to stay inside, or properly accesorize to keep warm. You can find a list of winter accessories on my other blog post here. I usually wear this as a fall outfit but I think you could get away with it in the winter.

Skirt with over the knee socks

Long Dress

This isn’t a way to wear your summer skirts in the winter so much as it is an outfit to purchase for the winter. Long dresses and skirts are great for the winter because they keep you covered and warm. You can also add a pair of tights underneath and it won’t change the look. A coat would also pair well with this outfit and make for some extra warmth. And because this is a simple outfit, it would also be a great base for some jewelry and accessories.

Socks and Tights

For some extra warmth, and the most practical way to wear tights in colder climate, try pairing tights and socks. If you get them in the same shade of black it will look seamless. This adds two layers of warmth and will still look chic. You could even take it a step further and add a regular pair of socks too as long as your shoes will accomodate it. I do not reccomend this look with patterned or colored tights because there is too big of a risk of the socks not matching. It is very important the socks and tights match exactly or else it won’t look right.


There is no reason to let your skirts sit around all winter long. If you have these pieces in your closet, try them out and wear a skirt this winter! If you don’t have these pieces I highly recommend adding them to your wardrobe.

New Years Resoltions: Redefine Your Wardrobe for 2021

With a new year comes new resolutions and goals. And maybe one of your new years resolutions has to do with your style. Are you sick of your wardrobe? Does your current style not fit your vibe? Are you looking to upgrade your fashion sense? Well the new year is a chance for a fresh start and new beginnings. This is the perfect time to take a hard look at your closet and make adjustments to help you feel confident in the new year! Here are some tips for going through your wardrobe and redefining your closet.

Follow Fashion Blogs and Instagram Accounts

One thing you can do to up your style game is to follow fashion blogs and fashion Instagram accounts. I highly recommend subscribing to my blog (wink wink!) This is a great way to get inspiration and learn some fashion tips. I myself share outfit inspiration and styling tips. Other bloggers share tips for petite girls, fashion on a budget, or how to thrift. Most of us publish a new blog post on a weekly basis to keep you up to date on our latest fashion tips. Lots of bloggers also have Instagram accounts to showcase their daily fashion inspiration or clothing hauls. I’ll add a few of my favorite Instagram accounts below.

  • @zaatina_z is amazing for fashion inspo and she’s super sweet!
  • @aagaaa is great for more dressy outfits

Take a look at what’s in your closet

person holding red dress shirt on hanger
Photo by Leticia Ribeiro on

I think all of us have at least a few pieces in our closet that we never wear. Whether it was a gift or you just keep convincing yourself you’ll wear it. Those pieces are taking up space in your closet, and you need to get them out. Look at everything in your closet and ask yourself these questions:

When was the last time I wore this?

How many outfits can I wear this with?

Do I feel confident when I wear this?

These questions should help you eliminate the clothes you don’t wear or like. It’s important to free up space for clothes that make you feel great and that you’ll actually enjoy wearing. When you’ve collected all the clothes you no longer want, you can donate them or sell them so that someone else may find joy in them!

Find Shops that fit your aesthetic

assorted hanged clothes near white light bulb
Photo by Henry & Co. on

Now I know going out an buying a whole new wardrobe can be intimidating, and I don’t recommend you do so, but at least find some possible clothing stores/sites. A lot of fashion stores tend to have a particular style or niche, even if that just means basic pieces or dressy outfits. If you know the style you want, you can find the places that carry that style. If not, you can find a variety of clothing stores. Maybe you are struggling to find your style, and that’s okay, I’ll have a post on that out soon, so keep a look out. Finding clothing stores you like will allow you time to research the pieces you want, and buy them when you’re ready.


Alright before you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, let me give you some advice. Do not, I repeat, do not, go out and buy hundreds of dollars of new clothes to fill your wardrobe. It is never a good idea to impulse buy clothing; it will result in you buying more pieces you don’t want. My advice is to figure out a few pieces that are basics and can be used in several outfits, like maybe a pea coat. I have a post about why every girl needs a pea coat HERE. You could also get one or two statement pieces, just for fun! Now that you’ve got your list of stores, you can look at what they have and over time start buying up the pieces you want. Building your style doesn’t happen overnight, give yourself time and your wardrobe will be fabulous!

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3 New Years Eve Outfit Ideas For Every Occasion

New Years Eve is right around the corner, and I’m so excited! Like everyone else, I am so ready for 2020 to be over! Not because I think everything will be magically resolved on January 1st, but because I’m ready for a fresh start! I love new years and new resolutions and the opportunity for a fresh start! I’ve got a new planner and a list of resolutions all ready for 2021! No matter how you choose to ring in the new year, I’ve got the perfect outfit for you! The perfect New Years Eve outfit is the perfect way to start the year off right! I’ve got an outfit if you want to dress to the nines and be sexy and sparkly! I’ve got an outfit if you want to look chic but not too dressy. And I’ve got a comfy outfit if you’re just staying in!

Sequence Dress (The Facny New Years Eve Outfit)

Fancy New Years Eve Outfit

I am absolutely in love with this dress! It’s sparkly, it’s sexy, and it’s so so flattering! This dress is perfect if you want to dress up for new years, whether you’re going out to a fun and safe event, having a new years eve zoom party, or having a small household party! Just because you can’t go to a big party, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up! I got this dress from Amazon, and you can find it HERE. For reference, the color I am wearing is champagne and it’s a size small. It also comes in a variety of colors, but I will say this color seems more gold than champagne but it is absolutely stunning! And it’s a beautiful dress to have on hand for future events.

Chic Skirt with Tights

Chic Outfit

This is the same outfit I recommended in my Christmas outfits post but I think it can double as a New Years Eve outfit as well. It’s a classy outfit that is great for the holiday season. This outfit is perfect if you want to dress up just a little, and not be full new years glam. This outfit, like the previous outfit, is great for small safe gatherings, zoom calls, or mini household events. I love this outfit because it’s chic and a little bit flirty. It’s fairly easy to put together. I took a solid long sleeve V-neck tucked into a black skirt with gold buttons. Then I added some tights and boots to complete the outfit. Gold jewelry would look especially nice with this outfit.

Joggers (The comfy New Years Eve Outfit)

Comfy New Years Eve Outfit

Let’s be honest, this is the outfit we’re really going to be wearing this year! I will definitely be lounging at home ringing in the new year with some ultra cute lounge wear! Between the joggers trend of 2019 and the loungewear trend of 2020, I’m sure you’ve got a pair of cute sweats, leggings, or joggers in your closet. I paired mine with a solid long sleeve tee. You could also add some fun colorful jewelry to brighten up the look and feel fun and festive! If you’re just staying home, you could add a cute pair of fuzzy socks to keep warm and liven up the look.


Let’s be honest, you could wear any one of these outfits regardless of your plans. If you want to stay home and wear the sparkly sequence dress, rock it! And if you want to go to a small gathering and wear cute joggers, do it! Any one of these outfits is perfect to ring in the new year! Looking cute and feeling fabulous is a great way to start the new year. I hope you all have a safe and fun new years and I wish you happiness in the new year!