How to Appreciate the World Around You

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It’s so important to appreciate the world around you. Life moves so fast and we get so caught up in work, stress, and daily obligations.

We need to take the time to slow down, absorb life, and learn to loo inward.

Get Outside

This is my personal favorite way to appreciate the world and take a second to slow down.

Go out for a walk around your neighborhood or even just in your backyard. Stop and admire some flowers, smell the roses, admire the pretty colors.

Go to your local park for a walk or a rest. Lay down outside in the grass or on a towel if grass makes you itchy. Pick a few daisies and make a bouquet or put them in your hair.

Sit on the porch to watch the sunrise or sunset, really take in the fresh morning or evening air. You don’t have to go far to enjoy nature outside.

wood light vacation picnic
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Sit in your room, or lay down outside. Listen to a guided meditation, peaceful music, calming nature sounds, or just enjoy the silence.

You could take this time to think of what you’re grateful for, set intentions, or repeat positive affirmations.

For a more in-depth look at meditation, check out this blog post HERE.

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Read Poetry

Pick up a poetry book or find some popular poems online. Take time and read the poem slowly; go line by line and really absorb the words, the metaphors, and the meaning.

Analyze the poem and take the words to heart, let them shape you.

Words can be very powerful, and reading poetry is a great way to appreciate life and the depth of human emotion.

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Gratitude List

This is not as intensive as keeping a gratitude journal, but still good for the mind and soul.

Write down the things your grateful for, just on a single page in a notebook or a piece of paper. Elaborate on your list to really make yourself think about all the things your grateful for.

For example if you’re grateful for flowers; you could write about how you appreciate the beautiful colors, fragrant scents, soft petals, and the different types.

Or if you’re grateful for sunsets; you could say they look like natural paintings, beautiful colors, how they always look different, how they are awe inspiring, and how they are grounding.

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I hope this list lifts your soul and inspired you to go out and do something to make you appreciate the world around you.

We live on a beautiful planet and we should take the time to really take it in and appreciate all it has to offer.

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