How to Make Your Room Smell Amazing

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Having a room that smells amazing is great, right? But often times we are forgetful or don’t know the best method for your space. In this post I am going to share the three best ways to make your room smell amazing, and how and where to use them.


This is probably the best option if it works for your lifestyle. There are so many scents, looks, and wicks. Candles are great to add a great scent to your whole house or just one room!

Candles looks beautiful, smell incredible, and can be found pretty much everywhere. There are even plenty of supplies out there to make your own candles. And now there are even different types of wicks, so it can crackle like a fire!

But there are a few problems with candles. If you have smoke detectors, they can set them off if they are too close. They could also potentially be dangerous if you leave them unattended, as it is an open flame.

However, if you’re worried about leaving the candle burning, you could set a timer on your phone to extinguish it after an hour or two. Or leave a note at your door so you don’t leave it burning while you’re out.

But if setting off your smoke detectors is your concern, it’s probably best to consider a different option for a room scent.

photo of quran beside candle
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Scentsy/Wax Warmer

The next best option is to use wax. I like a well-known brand called “Scentsy.” They have so many beautiful looks and scents. These are great for warming a room or a whole house depending on the size.

Basically, you pick your warmer, ranging from a small plug-in to the size of a large candle. They have a variety of beautiful colors, patterns, and themes. Then you choose your scents. They have so many scents to choose from that come in segmented bars.

The warmer works using a lightbulb, and has a base on top where you put the wax. When you turn it on it heats up and melts the wax to activate the scent. It works the same way a candle would but without the flame.

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Room Spray

This is still a great option to make your room smell good, but it doesn’t make for a pretty display like the other two options. Room sprays are better for larger areas, spraying one in a small enclosed area can be a little overpowering.

I got my room sprays from Bath and Body Works. I have one that is cinnamon vanilla that I use all the time. I also have a eucalyptus scent that is meant to be calming that I use once in a while.

If you want to use these in a smaller room, I recommend spraying it before you leave so when you come back the scent has dispersed a bit.

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I hope this has been good motivation to go out and buy a candle, scentsy, or room spray to make your room smell amazing!

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