10 Things to Journal About

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Be honest, we’ve all had the urge to keep a journal, or be the journaling “type.” At some point you have tried to keep a journal or a diary, and ultimately failed. I get it, we forget, have an uneventful day, or get bored.

The problem with journaling, and the reasons we all fail, is because we burn out doing it every day, or we feel we don’t have anything to write about.

I am going to give you 10 things to journal about. You can choose whichever one(s) interest you and you feel you can write about.

I’d also like to add that you are under no obligation to write an entry in your journal every day. It should be enjoyable, not obligatory.

1. Graditude

This is pretty much how it sounds. Write down the things you feel grateful for and appreciate. You can try to do this daily, a couple times a week, or just when something comes to mind.

2. Things/Events You Want to Remember

This is something I do. I keep a special journal to write down the special events I want to remember.

Things like first dates, vacations, graduations, etc. It doesn’t even have to be a “big event,” maybe you just had a beautiful day that you want to remember.

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3. Emotions You Want to Capture

This is similar to the one above but emotions rather than events.

Maybe you’re feeling sad and you want to remember exactly how it felt. Write it down as detailed as possible.

Or maybe you’re feeling really peaceful and happy, write down every detail of that feeling.

It’s always cool to be able to go back into a really specific emotion.

4. Things You Find Beautiful

This is something you can journal about whenever you feel inspired. This can be things you find in nature, feelings about love, some modern creations you find interesting, etc.

It’s always great to write down all the beautiful things in the world. It can also help to lift your spirits when you’re down!

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5. People

This might sound stalker-ish but it’s a cool idea. Have a journal about people!

You can write down facts about them, your feelings about them experiences with them, etc.

I think it’s interesting to keep a little record of all the people in your life.

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6. General Timeline of the Year

Keep a journal of your year without feeling obligated to write every day. Do a recap of your week every week, jot down just the bigger events, or just do a monthly recap.

Just something where you can look back and remember the year. And some day you’ll see you’ve kept an easy record of your life!

7. Your Favorites (with the date)

Keep track of your favorites; favorite food, book, TV show, hobby, animal, etc. Keep a journal of these and add the dates so you can see how you’ve changed.

8. Things that Make You Happy

This is similar to number 4 but a bit more personal. Write down all the things that bring you happiness and joy.

No matter how big or how small, write it down. From the ocean, to ladybugs, write down everything that makes you happy.

It will put your mind in a positive place and train you to see the good in the world.

It will also give you something to look at when you’re feeling down.

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9. Hobbies

Dedicate a journal to one of your hobbies. Make a catalogue of plants, animals, stones, etc.

Or make an art journal or poetry journal.

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10. Get a “pre-made” Journal

If you really struggle to keep a journal, you can get ones with prompts already in it.

I love this 5-Year Journal from Target. You answer the same questions every day for a year for 5 years. Then you can see how you’ve changed over 5 Years.


There’s no reason for you to give up on journaling. I really hope you decide to try one some of these prompts and try to keep a journal.

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