Making Your Bed in the Morning and Why it’s Important

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Making our bed in the morning is something many of us neglect, but something we should all do. I know it can feel like a chore, and something you don’t want to deal with first thing in the morning.

You may even feel like you don’t have the time to make your bed every morning, but trust me, you need to make the time.

I am going to share with you why it’s important to make your bed and how to incorporate it into your routine.

Making Your Bed
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Making Your Bed Establishes Routine

I’ve already talked about the importance of setting routines, especially in the morning. You can find my morning routines post here. I don’t specify making your bed in that post because it focuses on extra activities to bring you joy in the morning.

But nevertheless, making your bed is an important part of your morning routine. Even if this is the only thing you do in the morning before getting ready. Making your bed will provide much needed structure to your day.

Making your bed first thing also gives you a manageable task first thing in the morning and will give you a head start on accomplishing all the other tasks throughout your day.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. So, if you can get yourself to make your bed for 21 days in a row, it will become a habit and will be much easier to do in the morning.

Tidy Space = Tidy Mind

It’s true what they say, the space around you reflects your mind. If your bed/room is a mess, your mind will be too. But if you take the time to tidy your bed, it will help clear your mind and give you a more positive outlook.

Having a clean bed and therefore a clear mind will also reduce stress. Having that sense of order and structure will bring peace into your life and reduce your feelings of stress.

It’s an easy task you can complete every morning to start your day off positively and keep your mind at ease for the day.

This is especially important if you work from home or your bedroom doubles as your office. Having a clean workspace will help boost productivity.

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Helps Keep the Rest of Your Room Clean

Keeping your bed made and tidy every day will help encourage you to keep the rest of your room clean.

I am notorious for letting my room get out of hand, but since I started making my bed every day, I’ve also kept the rest of my room clean.

Something about having a perfect bed makes you want to keep the rest of your room clean.

Once your space is clean it makes it so easy to just clean it a little bit every day to keep it looking nice. And you’ll see your mood begin to improve the longer you have a tidy space.

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Doing it Every Day Makes It Easy

Like I said, once you room is clean, spending a few minutes every day tidying it makes it so much more manageable.

Same thing goes for your bed. If you make it every day, all you’ll really have to do it straighten out the blankets a bit and add your pillows on top to make it look nice.

But if you let it go for too long, the blankets get all bunched up, pillows are everywhere, and it becomes a hassle to make.

If you make your bed every day it won’t be a chore because it won’t be a lot of work to make in the first place.

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Helps Improve Sleep

Another added bonus of making your bed in the morning is getting into a made bed at night. We’ve all climbed in to a nice made bed at night. It’s a great feeling, right?

Having the sheets all tucked in and straight, nice fluffy pillows, and smooth blankets. It makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable sleep experience.

Making your bed in the morning not only starts your day off right, but it also helps to end your day on a peaceful note.

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I hope you can see why it’s so important to make your bed in the morning, and how easy it can be if you put in a little effort.

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