Date Ideas for Spring and Summer

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Have you been looking for some new date ideas? Are you stuck in a dating rut? Tired of the same old plans and looking to liven things up? Or maybe you haven’t had a real date night in months?

Maybe you’re wanting a more creative first date activity? Or out of activities in a new relationship?

Thankfully with spring already here and summer right around the corner, there are plenty of new activities for the warmer weather. This is a perfect time to revamp your relationship and have some fun-filled dates!

This list ranges from simple activities to do with your significant other, to full on date ideas. Be sure to save this post to reference throughout the summer!

Date Ideas for: Indoors

  1. Bake something sweet
  2. Make a refreshing drink, or even a fun cocktail
  3. Play a board or card game
  4. Play a video game
  5. Put together a puzzle
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  1. Go for a picnic in the park
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Go for a bike ride
  4. Play badminton
  5. Have a simple game of catch
  6. Go swimming
  7. Go out for ice cream
  8. Start a garden
  9. Do some yoga outside
  10. Have a late night bonfire and s’mores
  11. Stargaze
  12. Nature photography
  13. Go to the beach
  14. Have a late night picnic for dinner
  15. Do some art outside
  16. Go to a drive-in movie
date idea couple having a picnic
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You could definitely combine several activities to make your own perfect date night! I know a lot of these are single activities but that’s the fun of a date! Putting together activities and having fun.

If you try any of these out and take some nice pics be sure to tag me in Instagram!

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