10 Unique Ways to Fill a Notebook

We’re all guilty of collecting an absurd number of notebooks. And even worse, often times we struggle to think of ways to fill a notebook, much less a stack of them!

We all want this beautifully aesthetic Pinterest-worthy notebook. And because we want our notebooks to be so perfect, we’d rather leave them blank than ruin them.

Last time I counted I had over 20 unused notebooks! But slowly I am working on filling them and allowing them to bring some positivity into my life. I make sure whatever I fill them with is adding to my life and making it more beautiful.

I don’t want all your lovely notebooks to go to waste. So, I’ve created a list of 10 ways you can fill your notebooks. These range from constructive ideas to artistic aesthetics. I’m sure after reading this you can put at least one notebook to good use!

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Gratitude Notebook

This is probably the most obvious way to fill a notebook and the one you’ll see on every blog. But I’m still going to add it to my list because it’s a good idea.

A gratitude journal can be whatever you want. Most people will tell you to write down like 5 things your grateful for every day. But in all honesty, that’s really hard and you’re likely to burn out.

Instead, just take time once a week and write down how ever many things you can think of. Or even just have it out and any time you are feeling grateful for something, write it down.

There is no need to force yourself to write 5 things a day. Create a gratitude journal on your terms and don’t allow anyone to pressure you on how to do it. It’s your notebook, there’s no wrong way to do it.

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Mini Scrapbook

This is a really fun idea. It’s like creating a scrapbook but on a simpler and smaller level. You can still make it aesthetically pleasing but it’s much less work.

You can fill the pages with polaroids or wallet sized prints. And you can add some little stickers, handwritten notes, and even cut out regular scrapbook paper for boarders. You could also add dried flowers, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia.

I haven’t made one yet but I definitely want to. I just need to pick the right notebook and remind myself to do it!

If you make one of these please tag me or send it to me on Instagram, I’d love to see it!!


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Poetry Notebook

This can be interpreted two ways depending on your lifestyle.

  1. If you’re a poet you can fill up a notebook with your poetry. I’ve already filled up a notebook with this, and I’m working on my second. It’s a great place to keep your poetry; I’ve always preferred handwritten over typed. You could also decorate it with doodles and stickers to make it more fun.
  2. If you like poetry but don’t write it, you could fill a notebook with your favorite poems. You could write them in yourself, type them out and print them, or find them on Pinterest with a pretty background and print them from there.
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A Compliment Notebook

This is a really great idea that I haven’t really seen anyone else mention. I started one a couple years ago specifically for my boyfriend. Every time he complimented me or said something sweet, I’d write it down.

You don’t need to do this with your significant other that’s just how I started mine. Just keep a notebook and every time someone gives you a compliment or says something nice about you, write it down.

You can keep track of who said it and when. And anytime you’re feeling down you can go back through and read them!

Not that you need anyone else’s validation to feel good about yourself but it is a nice thing to keep, and it’s a pretty unique idea.

Set Your Goals

Take a page or a few pages and dedicate them to a goal. You can then break it down into smaller more manageable goals and create a plan.

This is great because it keeps track of all your goals, and makes them more realistic. Having a visual representation of your goals will make it easier to work towards them.

As with any of these, feel free to add doodles and stickers to make it more personal and fun!

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Notebook of Flowers

This is one of the more artistic ideas. You can gather a collection of dried flowers and adhere them in a notebook.

For a how-to guide on drying flowers, check out my blog post here(LINK).

You could just have a collection of pretty flowers. Or you could take it a step further and dedicate a page to each flower and write down the scientific name and some facts about it.

The direction you choose really depends on if your more artistic or more sciency.

Either way this is a fun and beautiful project to work on.

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Quote Notebook

This is pretty much the same as the poetry book idea. Except instead of poetry, it’s quotes.

You can write down the quotes that inspire you, resonate with you, or remind you of someone.

You could even take it a step further and categorize your notebook. Have a section for inspirational quotes, another section for heavy quotes, and another for love quotes, etc. Tailor it to your lifestyle and your heart.

Make Your Perfect Planner

If you struggle to find a planner that fits your lifestyle from the store, make your own. You could break your notebook down how you’d like it.

Categorize it by hours, days, weeks, months, whatever fits your lifestyle.

Make your perfect planner instead of settling for the ones you find in office stores. It could be a fun project to create and a beneficial product in your life!

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Bucket List

This is a notebook I have created, although mine is a bit unique.

For a more traditional version of this notebook, you can write down all the activities on your bucket list in a notebook. Then add a little box next to each of them. This allows you to check off all the things on your bucket list you’ve accomplished!

Like setting goals, this allows your bucket list to be more concrete, and reminds you what’s on it. And it’s so satisfying to mark them off!

Vision Board in Notebook Form

This is a little like the bucket list, but it’s a vision board. If you don’t know what a vision board is you can find tons of inspiration on Pinterest

Basically, a vision board is a visual representation of how you want your life to be, goals, desires, anything you want. And you usually put it all on a big foam board, or something like that. Mine is on a trifold board.

But you can do something like that in a notebook, write down your dreams and goals for the future and write them down. You could use pictures if you’d like, or just words. Add some doodles and stickers for fun.

It’s just a smaller version of your vision board to carry around and add to.

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There’s my 10 unique ways to fill a notebook.

I hope at least one of these ideas is one you haven’t heard of. And I hope you go out and fill at least one of your notebooks!

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