How to Dress Up a Casual Outfit


Everyone has lazy days; we all have days when we don’t feel like putting maximum effort into our outfits. And sometimes on those days, we want to look nice without the effort of putting together or wearing a nice outfit. I am going to give you a few tips on how to dress up a casual outfit so you can look cute with minimal effort in comfy clothes! Because lets be honest, we all want to leave our house in athleisure whilst also looking cute.



The easiest way to dress up any outfit is to add jewelry. If you’re wearing a casual T-shirt, you might want to dress it up with a statement necklace. Something with bright colors, a bold pendant, or several layers. You could also opt for a choker to draw attention to your collar bone and add some interest!

You may also want to try out a bracelet in the summer; a fun charm bracelet or a dainty gold band. You could also layer several bracelets for a more dramatic and stylish look.

Earrings and rings are great to dress up any outfit in any season. Big bold earrings can make any outfit look more put together and stylish. Or you could throw on some dainty studs for a more subtle added detail. I personally love wearing lots of rings (most of the time up to 10!) but that’s a personal styling preference. But I think layering rings is really fun and unique.


Skirt and socks
Cute shoes- Combat boots

Another way to dress up a casual outfit is to think about what kind of shoes you add. It’s just as easy to throw on a cute pair of shoes as it is to throw on your tennis shoes. I personally love adding combat boots to almost any outfit. They are stylish, add some height, and usually very easy to slip on. The one’s I have actually have a zipper which makes them super easy to throw on! You could also add a cute pair of heels with some casual jeans to dress up the outfit. Or even just some sparkly sandals in the summertime. Or, if you’re really just a sneaker gal, consider investing in some colorful shoes or shoes with a fun pattern!


Fall Dress
Scarf Accessories

We already talked about adding jewelry, but you can also add other accesorries. These include belts, scarves, headbands, and scrunchies.

Belts are very on trend for 2021, especially statement belts. It’s so easy to throw on a cool belt around your jeans and tuck in a t-shirt for an effortlessly cute outfit. You could also add a colored belt to a simple dress to add a bit of interest and change up the look.

Scarves are a great accessory in the winter because they keep you warm and make an outfit look super classy! You could even just get an infinity scarf if you don’t want the hassle of tying one (I totally get it!). You could even wear a blanket scarf as a shawl to change it up!

Headbands and hair accessories are also great for some added detail. I am in love with this pink and gold flower crown! It is my go-to spring accessory; it’s so cute and feminin, and most of the time I just wear it with a t-shirt and jeans! It’s so easy to find something pretty like that to add to a casual outfit!

Flower Crown
headband pink and gold flower crown

Scrunchies are still very much on trend this year and they are so cute! If you’re having a lazy and plan to wear your hair up, might as well use a cute scrunchie! It adds an extra detail and looks cute in a ponytail, half up style, or in a bun! You can find so many cute scrunchies at Target or on Etsy!


I hope you found these tips helpful and have a good idea on how to dress up a casual outfit! It can take so little effort to leave the house looking cute! I hope next time you leave the house in a t-shirt and sweats you remember to grab a scrunchie or a fun necklace!

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