Fast Fashion Alternatives That Are Better for the Environment

unrecognizable female in room with clothes collection
unrecognizable female in room with clothes collection
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Everyone seems to be talking about fast fashion these days, and rightfully so. I’ts great that there is awareness around the realities of cheap trendy clothing. If you’re curious what exactly fast fashion is, I have another blog post talking about it that you can find HERE. These brands are tempting because their clothes are in fashion and their prices are unrealistically low. If you want to know if fast fashion companies are actually as bad as everyone says, check out my other blog post HERE. In this post I would like to give you some alternatives to fast fashion. Many of us want to shift away from fast fashion but we don’t know how, or can’t afford it. But here are a couple great fast fashion alternatives.

Before I start I want to include a little disclaimer. I am not in any way shaming anyone who chooses to continue to shop fast fashion. I understand their clothes are cheap and some people need the low prices, and I understand wanting to follow trends and fit in. This is just me offering some alternatives if you would like to transition out of fast fashion.


This is my personal favorite alternative. Thrifting is great because it’s cheap and it’s very ecclectic. Shopping secondhand is always better because no extra work or resources went into making it. It also saves another piece of clothing from being thrown away and polluting the environment. There are so many options and styles for everyone. I also think it’s a fun experience to go out to thrift stores and look through all the clothes and find something really cute or really unique! It is also an endless supply of new clothes because each thrift store continues to get more clothes, and there are several thrift stores. More than likely you can find at least a few thrift stores in your area.

If for some reason you don’t have any thrift stores in your area, or they dont’t carry any clothes you like, ThredUp is a great option as well. It’s the biggest online thrift store and they carry thousands of clothes, literally thousands. They have a ton of cute clothes if you know how to look. I actually have another blog post explaining how to find cute clothes on ThredUp that you can find HERE. I am obsessed with ThredUp and I definitely spend too much time browsing on there haha!

Sustainable Brands

Another alternative to fast fashion is to shop sustainable brands. These are essesially the oposite of fast fashion, sometimes called slow fashion. They use good quality fabrics, create their clothes ethically, and often take a while to create pieces. These brands are much better for the environment and their workers, and the clothes are created to last a while. There are however two downsides; the price and the styles. Because these brands design clothing ethically, it tends to be more expensive. There are plenty of affordable sustainable brands, but they will never match the prices of fast fashion brands. Sustainable fashion brands also tend to carry more basic pieces. They don’t follow trends because it would take too long to create and they couldn’t keep up. Certainly there are brands that create more stylish pieces that are timeless. But you won’t find the lastest fashion trends on their sites. But keep in mind their clothes are meant to last years, so basics are more practical.

These are my two fast fashion alterntatives. I hope you will give them a try and try to create a more sustainable wardrobe. I know transitioning from fast fashion is really hard but it’s so worth it! If you come across any great thrift store finds or sustainable brands tag me on Instagram @bonnie.saich I would love to see what you find!

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