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brown and white floral panty on white textile

New Year new fashion trends! Upon my research I have found there is about to be a major shift in fashion trends. Every year there are certain pieces that trend and are added to wardrobes, but many styles remained classic. But according to the trends, skinny jeans, muted colors, and the slim fit clothes are going out of style. My theory is the quarentine has caused people to change their stay-at-home fashion and it has reached high fashion. Loose fits and relaxed cuts are coming into fashion and align with the 2020 lounge wear trend. I am going to list some of the fashion trends we will be seeing in 2021.


Belts have always been a part of fashion, but not like they are now. The fashion trends 2021 is following includes belts as statement pieces to tie an outfit together, Big belts with statement colors and buckles are in fashion and making a statement. They are a great addition to a dress, a tucked in work outfit, or high waisted jeans.


brown and white floral panty on white textile
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Bralettes are coming into fashion not as a cute bra, but to be worn as a top by itself! This is going to be a bigger trend come summertime. But fancy bralettes are being worn as tops either by themself or with a button up on top. This is a popular trend to pair with high waisted shorts or skirts.

Bright Colors

This is becoming a fashion trend 2021 is seeing. Bright colors paired together with various patterns as well. Not a whole lot of matching required, just pairing bright colors together to make a statement. I have a feeling pastels will always be popular in the springtime, but overall bold colors are coming into fashion.

Statement Sleeves

valentine's day outfit idea
puff sleeves and skirt

This is definitely something that was gaining popularity in 2020, but it’s getting even more popular now. Puff sleeves in particular are becoming very popular, and it’s something you can find almost everywhere now. I personally love this very romantic sillhouette and will be grabbing them while they are in fashion! They make for a great extra detail to an outfit while still remaining fairly simple. This outfit looks great with jeans, skirts, and trousers!

Maxi Dresses

This beautiful long sillhouette is back! As part of the laid back trends we’ve been seeing, maxi dresses fit right in! They are flowy and simple and come in so many styles and colors. They are great for every season and can be changed up depending on what shoes you choose!

Sweater Vests

Sweater Vest
Casual Pink Sweater Vest

This is another trend that popped up in 2020 but seems to be a fashion trend 2021 is keeping. This old look is getting a new breath of life! These sweater vests look great over button up and paired with jeans or trousers. The trend for this look is to wear the button up untucked, which contradicts how they used to be worn years ago. I have a feeling these will be popular in the summer without the button up underneath.

Loose Fitting/Wide Leg Pants

This is the biggest fashion trend in my opinion. This trend is getting extreamly popular and taking over all the stores. You can find a pair of wide leg trousers almost anywhere now. This is another trend that aligns with the laid back style that is so popular. From boot cut to flare, these pants are everywhere. High waisted pleated trousers are also gaining popularity. They aren’t wide legged but they have a looser fit.


This is another one that I think will pick up popularity in the spring and summer. Floral prints seem to be fashionable again. These are particularly common in tops and blouses but I would not be surprised to see some floral prints on shorts and skirts come spring and summer. I think this trend will also work hand in hand with the bold color trend. I have a post on how to style floral prints HERE.


White Dress
White Dress

This color seems to be trending thoughout the fashion categories, but particularly with dresses. White dresses seem to be making a big statement. Again this goes along with the laid back/breezy aesthetic that is popular in 2021. This is a really simple and pretty look. I predict we will see a lot of statement belts with this look as well.

Oversized Jackets

Dress with oversized jacket
Oversized pink Jacket with colorful floral dress

To be honest, oversized anything seems to be in style, but particularly in jackets and blazers. The oversized look is very on trend right now. Lots of oversized blazers being paired with trousers and relaxed jeans. I thinik this trend will be popular with the bralettes.

These are the biggest fashion trends of 2021 I have found. As always, keep in mind fashion is an expression of self and you should always wear what makes you feel the most confident. I also think it can be fun to play around with new trends; you might even find a new style you love!

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