5 Business Casual Outfits That Are Actually Cute

Puff sleeves

Many of us work in office environments that enforce a business casual dress code. Unfortunately, the business casual outfits are not known for being the cutest or most fashionable. But that does not mean they have to be stuffy and boring! I am going to give you 5 business casual outfits that are actually cute! I have also created all of these outfits without black jeans. I know some companies allow black jeans but many don’t so I want to give as many options as possible. However any of the slacks can be switched out for black jeans if that is what you prefer!

1. A Black Dress

Black Dress
Black Dress

A black dress is so classy and elegant. Almost any black dress is going to look dressy and appropriate for the work place. Another great thing about black dresses is that they make a great base for adding color. You can add some fun and colorful shoes, some statement jewelry, or add a colored belt. It’s easy to make a simple black dress into a fashionable outfit and tailor it to your style. This dress is by Madewell and I got it off of ThredUp, and online thrift store. If you want to learn more about ThredUp I have a whole post on it HERE(LINK).

2. Plain Top and Printed Pants

Plain top printed pants
Plain top with printed pants

I think a common fashion rule in general is to wear a printed top with solid bottoms, but why not switch it up? Get a pair of fun printed bottoms and pair it with a solid color top. I got these gingam slacks from Target as well as this lavendar top. It’s a bit hard to tell but the sleeves of this top have this really pretty rouching detail that adds a bit of interest to the outfit as well. I think this outfit is very fun and trendy but still appropriate for the workplace.

3. Blazer


This is another play off of the solid top and printed pants, but with a fun blazer. I just have this black T-shirt from Old Navy and paired it with these skinny pants, also from Old Navy. These are the new Stevie pants and I really like them; they look professional but they are tight fitted like leggings or skinny jeans. I am personally a fan of thew skinny leg and think it flatters petite girls. Then I added this really cool blazer that I thrifted from my local thrift store. I really like the structured shoulders and the fancy looking buttons. Blazers are great for the workplace, but they don’t all have to be the same stuffy style. You can find plenty of funky and trendy blazers from vintage or thrift stores. I think this is a fun outfit that is definitely business casual but also so unique.

4. Trendy Sleeves

Puff sleeves
Trendy Sleeves

One of the trends going around 2021 is about sleeves. Puff sleeves in particular are very in style right now and honestly look really cute. I think this would still look great in the office even after the the trend dies out. I got this top last year from Forever21and I really love it. The puff sleeves are really pretty and I love the lace collar, it’s very feminine and a nice detail. I paired this top with those same Stevie pants from Old Navy. I like this very fun and feminine look. Business casual outfits tend to have a lot of darker, more professional colors, so I really like how fun and flattering these pants are.

5. Florals

Floral top
Business casual outfit floral top and black pants

Another 2021 trend is florals, and I think florals are great for the workplace. I got this top from Old Navy and it’s very flowy and soft. It’s a perfect blouse for the office but it’s also pretty trendy and is actually pretty cute. I paired it with some plain black slacks to allow the floral print to stand out. This is a very simple outfit that anyone can can add to their wardrobe but it’s so much prettier than the average “work blouse.”

I hope you found this post helpful and have an idea of some cute outfits you can wear to your business casual job. I definitely enourage you to reevaluate your wardrobe if you are not happy with it. You spend 40 hours a week at the office, you should feel confient and happy in your outfits! Be sure to also follow me on Instagram for more outfit inspiration! https://www.instagram.com/bonnie.saich/

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