10 Spring Outfit Ideas 2021


The weather is warming, the birds are chirping; spring is upon us. And with a new season comes fresh outfits! Time to pull out your shirts, light sweaters, and pastel colors! I am going to share with you 10 spring outfit ideas to try out this spring! Some feature popular trends and others are spring staples you can wear any year!

1. Bermuda Shorts and Top

Spring Outfit
Spring outfit- floral top and shorts

This is a very classic spring outfit. Bermuda shorts are great for the spring because they are shorter than jeans but not quite as short as the average jean short. I got these from Target last summer but I’m sure you could find some anywhere. I paired it with this cute embroidered white top with flowers and bees. This was actually my great-grandmothers shirt. I think it’s very sweet and perfect for spring!

2. Body Suit and Skirt

Spring outfit
Spring outfit- body suit and skirt

This is a great outfit if you want the spring outfit sillhouette but maybe you’re not into spring colors. I paired this black long sleeve body suite from Rue21 with a skirt I thrifted. The long sleeves and skirt is very spring but the colors are a bit darker than your pastels. This is a really fun and flirty look, and if it’s a bit colder where you live you could add a pair of knee-high or thigh-high socks.

3. Sweater and Shorts

Sweater and shorts
Spring outfit- sweater and shorts

This is a staple in my spring wardrobe. I love the long sleeves with shorts look. It’s so perfect for spring; keeping you warm on top but cool on the bottom. I got these shorts from Forever21 a couple years ago and I love the way they fit. I can’t remember where I got this sweater but I love the soft pink purple color, it’s perfect for spring. If you want a cute and easy look I highly reccomend a sweater with shorts!

4. White Tee and Jeans

Spring outfit
Spring outfit- white t-shirt and jeans

This is a timeless outfit. The white tee with a pair of light wash jeans is so simple and so perfect for spring. It’s affordable and looks great on everyone. You can dress it up with a bold makeup look, colorful jewelry, or fun accessories! I paired it with this simple pink and green beaded choker that I actually made! And it will be available for purchase on my Etsy shop soon! This spring look is so fresh and a great way to welcome spring.

5. Puff Sleeves and Skirt

spring outfit
puff sleeves and skirt

I featured this look in my Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas post(LINK) but I think it’s also a great spring look! This floral skirt screams spring but is more muted paired with this black puff sleeve top. The knee high socks add a bit of warmth for those more chilly April days. This outfit can be easily dressed up or down depending on the shoes you pair with it.

6. Dress

Spring dress

Do I really need to tell you a dress is a good spring outfit? Probably not, but I will. Dresses are great in the spring; they’re easy and cute and breezy. I picked up this dress from Target and it’s so flowy and pretty for the spring. Pastel colors are best for the spring; some soft pinks, greens, purples, and blues. This outfit is so easy because I don’t have to worry about pairing anything but shoes and accessories!

7. Floral Shawl

Spring outfit
Spring outfit- floral wrap

This is my ultimate spring outfit, I wear it every spring and I love it. I start with this periwinkle top and pair it with my light wash jeans, both from Old Navy. The I add some white or blue shoes with it. I then throw on the sheer floral shawl over it for a softer more flowy look. And for me, it’s a must to add this really pretty rose and gold flower crown for ultimate spring fairy vibes! I love this look so much. It looks so pretty and fancy but it really isn’t that hard to put together! I think the flower crown really makes this outfit and I highly recommend you get one! I think I got mine off of Amazon, I’ll try yo find a similar one here.

8. Puff Sleeves and Capris

spring outfit
Spring outfit- puff sleeve top and capris

I absolutely love this top! I got it from Target and it’s perfect. It’s a very spring appropriate lavendar color and it has these incredible puff sleeves! It’s so feminine and unique. I paired it with my light wash jeans that I rolled up into capris for a more spring look. You could also choose just regualar jeans if you prefer. I think this is a very fun spring look and is on trend with the puff sleeves.

9. Midi Skirt

Spring outfit
Spring outfit- floral midi skirt

This is another very on trend look right now. I thrifted this midi skirt from ThredUp (blog post on that here). The original company that made it is Hell Bunny. I love how retro 50s it is, I really love that era. I just kept it simple with this black top to let the skirt shine. This is another very fun and unique look. Both midi skirts and florals are on trend right now so replicating this look should be fairly easy.

10. Simple Spring Inspired Top

spring outfit
Spring outfit- Floral top

This is a very simple but very spring inspired top. This is great if you want something more simple but want to add a bit of spring flair to your outfits. I got this top from Target as well (I swear this isn’t sponsored haha!), it’s by Wild Fable. The soft magenta is very spring along with the little flower detail at the front. It also has a lettuce trim which makes it a bit more elevated than a basic t-shirt. You don’t have to be full blown floral or pastel to enjoy spring outfits!

I hope you found an outfit or two (or ten!) that you can try out this spring! Spring outfits are so fun and bright and I encourage you to play around with colors and sillhouettes!

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