What is Fast Fashion?

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Fast Fashion is something that has been around for decades. The term itself has become more popular in the past couple of years as awareness has spread. Consumers are starting to realize what fast fashion is and the impact it has. The way we consume clothing is shifting and people are starting to change their habits.

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What is Fast Fashion

Most people who have a basic understanding of fast fashion will know that it is generally cheap and not well made. Beyond that, it is taking the latest trends from the catwalk and recreating the pieces to sell in stores within days. Companies do this to be sure they can sell the latest trends before they go out of style. However, this means the clothes have to be made quickly and using cheap materials. Clothes that come out of these brands are not designed to last for years, or really beyond the season they are in style. They are good for a few wears before they begin to fall apart. The labor used to create these clothes comes from workers outside of the US earning low wages.

This style of fashion is designed to sell clothes quickly and keep up with trends. Many of these brands will have thousands of clothing options, all following the latest trends. The stores change with the trends and it’s out with the old and in with the new every season.

What Are the Brands?

These brands are often recognizable by their low prices, trendy pieces, and wide variety of clothes. Here are a few fast fashion brands:

  • Romwe
  • Shein
  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Forever21
  • TopShop
  • Fashion Nova

Of course there are many more than this list but these are some of the bigger ones. All of these companies are known for keeping up with the trends and keeping prices low.

I encourage you to do some more intensive research on fast fashion if you are curious and want to know the story behind the clothes you buy. This is just a brief overview of fast fashion and what it is and how it works. I hope this was helpful and gave you some insight into the fashion world.

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