Is Fast Fashion Bad?

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There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the topic “fast fashion.” People want to know what it is, if it’s bad, and what are the alternatives. I have already written a post descrribing what fast fashion is, and you can find it HERE. I will also be following up with fast fashion alternatives, so be sure to check back for that. In this post I will be answering the question “is fast fashion bad?”

person holding sewing machine
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Is Fast Fashion Bad?

The short answer to this question is yes, fast fashion is bad. It his harsh on the planet, harmful for the workers, and often a disappointment to the buyer. As I mentioned in my previous post about what fast fashion is, it is often cheap and created quickly. This leads to a disregard for the environment and the consumer.

Environmental Impact

Fast fashion brands do not take the environment into account when creating their clothes. The clothes themselves are made out of materials like polyester that never degrade properly and end up poluting the environment. In addition, cheap dyes are used to color the clothes which will wash off and wind up in the ocean and other water sources. The dyes are not made using eco friendly ingredients which causes harm to the environment. Furthermore, the clothes are only created to last a season or two since the styles are so trendy. This results in them being thrown away after a year or so. And as I mentioned before, the materials don’t degrade back into the environment.


Clothing made for fast fashion brands are essensially created in sweat shops. Brands outsource the labor so they can pay lower prices and get the clothes quickly. Speed is of the utmost importance to these companies so they can sell the pieces before they go out of style. The workers are able to be paid unfair wages since they are outside the US. Yet they are expected to do quick and intensive work to get the clothing done as quickly as possible.

The Disappointment of Being the Buyer

At a glance, these fast fashion brands look great. The prices are low, the styles are trendy, and there are hundreds of pieces to choose from. But at what cost. The prices my be low, but so is the quality. These pieces are made from cheap fabric and fall apart quickly. The cheap dyes cause the clothes to stain skin and under garments. Many of these styles are so trendy that look out of place once they are out of style. These brands want to sell stylish clothes quickly and for a profit, but it’s the consumer that gets the short end of the stick. The clothes look cute on the models but are uderwhelming in person.


Fast fashion is bad. It harms the environment, exploits the workers, and disappoints the buyer. Luckily, there are alternatives to fast fashion. Be sure to check back for my next post about the alternatives!

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