The Right Way to Layer Clothes and Look Put Together

With winter here, it’s all about layering up and staying warm. However, there is in fact a right and a wrong way to layer clothes. This post is more aimed at showing you the correct way to layer terms in terms of length. If you layer in the wrong order or the lengths are off then the outfit can appear unflattering or sloppy. Most likely the pieces in your closet will layer beautifully, you just need a guide on how exactly how to pair everything!

The First Layer

Before we jump into layering and the how tos, I first want to give you a quick tip. Be sure the first layer is figure flattering. Your first layer should be a body suit, a fitted top, or a tucked in shirt. This will ensure that your beautiful figure isn’t lost among all the layers and help keep you looking fashionable.


Cardgian and dress

A cardigan makes for a great second layer. It’s enough to give some added warmth but thin enough to keep layering if you’d like. The rule for cardigans is it should be longer than your top, but shorter than your dress. The exception for tops if it is a button up style cardigan, then it is okay for it to be the same length as your top, or shorter if it’s a cropped cardigan. But your cardigan should always be shorter than your dress or it will look awkward and unflattering.


Pea coat

Coats are a staple in a winter wardrobe, and probably the easiest to layer. They are generally designed to go with everything, making it easy to pair. The rule for coats is that they should be the top layer, and the longest layer. It should be longer than every layer unless it’s a maxi dress or skirt, then the coat may be shorter.



Jackets are similar to coats but with a few more rules. Your jacket should be the same length as your top or shorter. Having it longer makes it appear oversized, which is unflattering for jackets. If you’re wearing a jacket with a skirt, it should be a cropped or short jacket. Generally, it should be above your hips to ensure your figure is not lost. Layering a jacket with a long top can also be very flattering.


It can sometimes be tricky to layer clothes, and always at risk for a fashion disaster. But if you follow these simple rules, I promise your outfits will look great! Be sure to check my other posts for more fashion tips!

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