How to Wear a Skirt in the Winter

Are your skirts sitting in your closet gathering dust this winter? Well no more! There’s no reason you shouldn’t put your skirts to good use during the winter. I am going to give you a few different outfit options to wear a skirt in the winter. Personally I love wearing skirts year round; I have a very feminine style myself and I hate feeling like I have to switch to just pants in the winter. Here are some super cute ways to wear a skirt in the winter that will also keep you warm!


Yes I know, this isn’t a revolutionary fashion tip, but it is the easiest way to wear a skirt in the winter. Tights can be added under almost any skirt and look very chic. They’re warm and sleek and don’t add unflattering extra fabric underneath. Tights come in so many colors and patterns to add some variety to the outfit as well. This outfit I have here is a pretty classic way to wear a skirt in the winter. A solid colored top with a basic skirt and black tights. This is my personal favorite way to wear my skirts in the cooler months.

Skirt with tights

Over the Knee Socks

This is a fun and flirty way to wear a skirt in the winter. These are just some plain over the knee socks I got from Amazon, you can find them here. They’re pretty warm and make for a very flirty outfit. This is one of my favorite outfits. However I will warn you this is not ideal for areas that get into very low temperatures. This outfit is great if you live in a generally warmer climate, are planning to stay inside, or properly accesorize to keep warm. You can find a list of winter accessories on my other blog post here. I usually wear this as a fall outfit but I think you could get away with it in the winter.

Skirt with over the knee socks

Long Dress

This isn’t a way to wear your summer skirts in the winter so much as it is an outfit to purchase for the winter. Long dresses and skirts are great for the winter because they keep you covered and warm. You can also add a pair of tights underneath and it won’t change the look. A coat would also pair well with this outfit and make for some extra warmth. And because this is a simple outfit, it would also be a great base for some jewelry and accessories.

Socks and Tights

For some extra warmth, and the most practical way to wear tights in colder climate, try pairing tights and socks. If you get them in the same shade of black it will look seamless. This adds two layers of warmth and will still look chic. You could even take it a step further and add a regular pair of socks too as long as your shoes will accomodate it. I do not reccomend this look with patterned or colored tights because there is too big of a risk of the socks not matching. It is very important the socks and tights match exactly or else it won’t look right.


There is no reason to let your skirts sit around all winter long. If you have these pieces in your closet, try them out and wear a skirt this winter! If you don’t have these pieces I highly recommend adding them to your wardrobe.

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