4 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas: Romantic, Flirty, and Modest

valentine's day outfit idea

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! I have been a hopeless romantic my entire life and the national day of love has always held a special place in my heart! One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s Day is getting all dressed up in a beautiful outfit. I also love creating a pretty pink eyeshadow look, and styling my hair in soft curls. For me, the perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit doesn’t have to be something with hearts on it. There is a perfect outfit for everyone, whether you want to dress romantic, flirty, or modest. I have put together a few different Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for you to choose from!

Maxi Dress

valentine's day outfit idea
romantic maxi dress

A maxi dress is a great choice for Valentine’s Day because it’s a romantic sillouhette and keeps you warm seeing as it’s the middle of February! Specifically I recommend This Dress from Breath of Youth.It’s called the Someday, Somewhere Dress. It is so unbelieveably beautiful and romantic! Quite honestly you could wear anything from their site for a perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit, their aesthetic is very poetic and romantic. I love how this dress flows around me when I walk, I feel like a princess! The little floral details and the vintage puff sleeves are also so romantic! I am in love with this dress and think it would make a beautiful Valentine’s Day Outfit!

Puff Sleeves and Skirt

valentine's day outfit idea
puff sleeves and skirt

This is my fun and flirty outfit idea! I love the puff sleeves and lace collar detail on this top. It’s very flirty and romantic. I wear this outfit to work with black jeans, but for Valentine’s Day I paired it with a grey floral skirt. The skirt makes it more girly and less business casual. I also added some knee high socks for extra warmth in the cold February weather and paired it with some cute black heels to tie back into the black top and add a another girly detail. I just love how this outfit came together, it’s just so flirty! If you want to recreate this outfit you could really find any puff sleeve top and pair it with a skater skirt. The knee high socks are also affordable and easy to find. If your style is more flirty and sexy then this is the Valentine’s Day Outfit for you!

Off the Shoulder/Bell Sleeves

valentine's day outfit idea
off the shoulder and bell sleeves

Two very romantic and flirty styles are off the shoulder and bell sleeves. Off the shoulder outfits show off your collar bone which is very attractive and flattering. It also has romantic vibes and looks great on everyone! Bell sleeves are also beautiful and romantic. They have a mideval flare that is really nice and unique. The dress I am wearing here has both off the shoulder and bell sleeves but either one would make a great outfit for Valentine’s Day. You could find a nice off the shoulder top and pair it with a skirt or get a top with bell sleeves and pair it with a skirt or black jeans. Or you could very well find a dress like this with both!

Modest Valentine’s Day Outfit

valentine's day outfit idea
Modest Valentine’s Day look

This outfit is great if you have a more modest style, or just want a subtle Valentine’s Day Outfit. I just paired this simple red cardigan from Old Navy with some black jeans. The red is an obvious Valentine’s color and the black makes it chic and classic. This outfit is great if you maybe don’t have a date but want to look festive. Or if you don’t want to go all out and keep it simple this year. It’s a cute outfit and is a great option for a nice modest look!

I hope you found an outfit that fits your style for this Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check out my other posts for more outfit ideas and styling tips!

May your Valenine’s Day be filled with love and happiness!

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