How to Pair Jewelry Like a Pro

When it comes to jewelry, there’s certain pieces that should and shouldn’t be paired together, and there’s some outfits that compliment particular pieces of jewelry well. Knowing what to pair with what can elevate any outfit and help you to look well put together.

What Doesn’t Go Together

Necklaces and earring can be a bit tricky to pair together. If you want to wear a statement necklace, I recommend skipping the earrings to avoid clashing, and having everything look too busy around your face. And vice versa, if you’ve got a great pair of statement earrings, I’d say rock them, and don’t worry about finding a necklace, because chances are, the earrings are all you need to look fabulous!

What Does Go Together

Sometimes earrings and a necklace can pair great together though! A pair of stud earrings with a dainty necklace can look amazing! If neither piece is too big or flashy, they can play nice together and really accentuate the whole look, and frame your face beautifully!


Weather can also play a role in which jewelry pieces you choose. For summer outfits, opt for bracelets and anklets. Short sleeve shirts leave plenty of space to show off a beautiful bracelet, or stack of bracelets! Anklets also look great in the summer when your sporting dresses and shorts. They look especially beautiful with flip flops and sandals for a dainty look, but they can also be paired well with flat sneakers for a bit of a sportier look.


Neckline is another factor to consider when picking out jewelry. A high neckline is perfect for a necklace. It creates a nice canvas to show off your necklace, and you won’t have to worry about it falling beneath your shirt where no one can see it! Whereas an off the shoulder shirt looks great with a pair of dangling earrings. They’ll accentuate your neck to make it look longer and more elegant.

I hope you found these tips helpful and keep them in mind next time you open your jewelry box to pick out the prefect piece (or pieces!) to compliment your outfit!

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