Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 2020

It’s that time of year when we start asking ourselves what we should gift those special people in our lives. It can be a challenge to think of something new to get someone every year. In this post I am going to give you a few gift ideas that come from a couple of different sources. I feel like this year more than any there has been a push to shop local and shop small. I think this is great and it’s always important to support local businesses. I will also provide a couple of options from Amazon in case you’ve waited until the last minuet (totally okay!) and you need that 2 day delivery. Here are a few of my gift ideas for the special women in your life!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through these links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you!

  1. Pea Coat

This is something I plan to talk about in depth in an upcming post, and is something I stand behind: Every Girl Needs a pea coat! They are absolutely amazing and everyone needs one, they make them for men as well! If you are interested in my reasons for loving this coat so much, be sure to check that post out. But do keep in mind this is a more expensive gift. Nice pea coats usually retail anywhere from $50-$100. This would be more of a luxury gift for her. As with all clothing gifts, be sure you have her size right, because this particular coat does not look good if it is oversized. I am 5’1 and my pea coat is in a size petite and it fits me perfectly! I got mine from Old Navy, this isn’t an affiliate link I just really love this one haha! This is a great high quality gift that your girlfriend, mom, aunt, or whoever, will love!

2. Jewelry

Julies Jewels
Luna’s Made With Love

What girl wouldn’t adore a gift of jewelry?? I think often times we shy away from gifting jewelry on an occasion other than an anniversary, or something else that warrants an expensive gift. But jewelry doesn’t just mean diamond rings and fancy tennis bracelets. There is plenty of jewelry that is casual and affordable. One of the best places to look is Etsy! There are so many cute shops that make their jewelry. A couple of my favorites are Julie’s Jewel Designs and Luna’s Made With Love. Julie’s Jewel Designs makes beaded jewelry that ranges from wire wrapped rings to colorful bracelets to simple pendants. Her stuff is very colorful and fun and a perfect gift for someone who loves color and wants to add some more pieces to their jewelry collection! Luna’s Made With Love uses polymer clay to make her jewelry and it’s very creative and fun. She has some cute christmas designs right now along with some other more wearable year round pieces. Her pieces would be a fun addition to any jewely box! Both of these shops also do custom designs if you have something special in mind!

3. A Sweater

While I personally love getting clothes as a gift, I understand it can be a tricky gift. You really need to know the person’s style and preferences. It’s also hard to guage sizing, especially on womens clothes, because none of it makes sense! But I would say if you were going to gift someone one article of clothing; it would be a sweater, and here’s why. Everyone loves sweaters. A sweater can fit into almost any style and aesthetic. Sweaters can also be simple and take away the stress of finding the right style. And best of all, sweaters are a loose fit and very forgiving if you guess incorrecly on the size. A sweater can easily be styled up if it’s oversized, or not, oversized sweaters look great! This one from Amazon is great; it comes in so many colors and is intended to be a loose fit. I would say if you want to gift an item of clothing, this is a good one.

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