5 Winter Outfit Ideas 2021

As much as I love fall (it’s my favorite season!) I am also very excited for winter! Christmas time is so magical and full of joy, I love pretty candles and hot chocolate by the window watching the rain fall. And of course, the winter fashion! The heavy coats, warm boots, and tights to make a girly outfit warm! I’ve created a list of 5 different winter outfits for when you want something a bit dressier than a hoodie and jeans. These outfits fall under the category “chic.” And of course, feel free to add a coat or any accessories to keep you warmer depending on your climate! And if you need a list of accessories to keep you warm, check out my blog post here. So, let’s get into some cute winter outfits!

1. Mock Neck Sweater

I adore a nice mock neck sweater! Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of the turle neck but mock necks are sleek but offer a slimmer look. Mock necks are chic and add a more stylish look than your basic long-sleeved tee or blouse. I got this one from Forever21 and I am obsessed with the flower decals on the shoulder. Having that extra bit of fabric on the neck also adds some warmth in the cold winter months. This top looks great with a simple pair of blue jeans, and can be dressed up with some black jeans or leggings. For a wintery look add some fur boots, and for a more styled up look, try some wedges or knee-high boots.

Mock Neck Sweater

2. Sweater Vest and a Button Up

I am absolutely obsessed with this look. It is youthful and preppy and classy. This is definitely an old-style look but so chic and can be modernized with accessorize. There are so many color combinations you can choose to match your personal style. I personally love this pink and white combination, it’s so girly and soft. I’ll admit this isn’t the warmest look but adding a coat will make this totally wearable outside until you reach your destination. You can also add some accessorize to keep you warm throughout the day. If you haven’t given this look a try I highly recommend that you do because it’s such a unique look and I love the nerdy chic vibes!

Sweater vest and button up

3. Body Suit and Skirt

This look also appears in my “8 Fall Inspired Outfits” post. I am in love this look and the drop in temperature certainly won’t stop me from wearing it! I took this long-sleeved turtle neck body suit and paired it with a form fitting skirt. To transition it from fall to winter, I added some tights to make it a bit warmer. I still like the look of combat boots with this outfit, it gives it an edgy vibe and looks a bit dressier than fur boots or sneakers. I would say the color palette I chose is more fall than winter, but you could certainly find these pieces in white, blue, red, or green. You could also find some white tights to lighten up the look.

Body suit and skirt

4. Snowflakes

Okay, so this is more of a pattern than it outfit, but I still think it deserves a spot in this post! Snowflakes are the ultimate winter vibe! If you don’t have something with snowflakes, I highly recommend adding a piece to your wardrobe. It’s hard to tell in photos but the snowflakes are actually glittery! I got this top from Forever21. It’s fairly warm and fits me perfectly (I’m 5’1 so most shirts are long on me!). Wearing snowflakes puts me in a festive wintery mood and I feel are warm and cozy when I wear it! Fashion has a large impact on our mood and something as simple as snowflakes can certainly make your day!

Snowflake Top

5. Jacket and Jeans

Once again, this look can be found on my “8 Fall Inspired Outfits” post. This look is composed of a long-sleeved tee (for the winter), a jacket, jeans, and boots (switch to fur boots for the winter). This fall outfit can be worn in the winter, but depending on the climate where you live you may need to add some elements to keep you warmer. As I mentioned I have another post where I list 5 accessorize to keep you warm in the winter. I won’t go into detail here because I’ve already made a post, which you can find in the first paragraph of this post, or you can find it among my other blog posts.

Jacket and Jeans

These are 5 great outfit choices for this winter season. I hope you will rummage through your closet to put some of these looks together, or even add a few new pieces to your wardrobe. Also be sure to check out my 5 Accessories to Keep You Warm this Winter post to add some warmth to these stylish outfits!

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