5 Must Have Accessories to Keep You Warm This Winter

Winter is coming up and Jack Frost is starting to nip! I’m lucky enough to live in California so it doesn’t get too cold here, but certainly I need more than a light sweater to keep me warm! Of course, you can layer on the long sleeves, cardigans, and coats to keep warm, but sometimes you need a little extra something in these cold winter months. I’ve compiled a list of accessories perfect for keeping warm. These are some great hacks for staying warm but still looking cute, because lets be honest, as warm and cozy as an oversized hoodie is, it’s not necessarily the most fashion forward outfit choice haha.

  1. Beanie

My first accessory is a beanie. This is something most of us have in our closets, and if not, you can find one fairly inexpensive at most clothing stores. Beanies are great because they look cute and can be worn with any outfit. They come in several colors and styles that can fit anyones vibe. The best part about beanies, and the reason they are on this list, is because they keep you so warm! The majority of the heat in your body escapes through your head and your feet, so wearing a heat will keep you super warm! I was down at the beach this october and it was incredibly cold on the coast, but my boyfriend offered me his beanie and it made a huge difference. I highly recommend investing in a beanie if you don’t already have one!

2. Fuzzy Socks

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This next one goes hand in hand with the beanie. As I said the majority of the heat in your body escapes through your head and your feet, so wearing thick socks is another great way to keep warm. Often fuzzy socks are associated with leisure at home wear, but they don’t have to be! The majority of winter shoes don’t show your socks, so you can wear fuzzy socks and no one will even know! I wear fuzzy socks most of the time in the winter because I get cold so easily and they keep me so warm! I wear boots with the majority of my outfits so no one can even see the socks. You can keep warm without running the risk of ruining a chic outfit.

3. Scarf

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This next one is a pretty obvious one, but scarves are great in the winter! This is probably the most fashionable item on this list; a scarf can add so much depth and style to an outfit. Like beanies, there are so many types of scarves and various materials to choose from. My personal favorite is an infinity scarf because they are easy to wear and look great with any outfit. Blanket scarves are great for keeping warm because they tend to be made of thicker material and keep you warm because they’re so large. Adding a few different scarves in a few different colors is a great addition to your wardrobe and will keep you warm and stylish this winter!

4. Gloves

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Gloves are great in the winter because our hands get very cold and it can get pretty painful. Gloves are necessary in the states that get colder than California, and tend to drop into the freezing temperatures. Gloves are something that aren’t always seen as fashionable but certainly there are a fairly wide variety of gloves to choose from with different materials that may look a little more elegant. This piece isn’t as every day wearable as a scarf or fuzzy socks but are a great addition of you know you will have to be outside, or if it will be extra cold that day.

5. Tights

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This is one that I decided to add to the list because I think it’s one not a lot of people think of. Tights are a nice way of transitioning dresses and skirts into winter appropriate outfits. I personally hate putting away dresses in the winter and wear as many as I can with tights. They also make some tights with thicker material than the common sheer style which are great for extra warmth. But tights can be worn with more than just dresses and skirts. A little winter life hack is to wear tights under your jeans, or any pants really. Tights are thin enough that they won’t though through pants, and they give you an added layer of warmth!

These are my favorite winter accessories! They can be worn separately or layered together. A beanie with fuzzy socks is the ultimate heat keeping outfit! Tights with fuzzy socks offer some extra warmth in your feet, whereas a beanie and scarf will keep you nice and toasty up top! I hope you’ll give these accessories a try this winter and manage to keep comfortable through these cold months!

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