3 New Years Eve Outfit Ideas For Every Occasion

New Years Eve is right around the corner, and I’m so excited! Like everyone else, I am so ready for 2020 to be over! Not because I think everything will be magically resolved on January 1st, but because I’m ready for a fresh start! I love new years and new resolutions and the opportunity for a fresh start! I’ve got a new planner and a list of resolutions all ready for 2021! No matter how you choose to ring in the new year, I’ve got the perfect outfit for you! The perfect New Years Eve outfit is the perfect way to start the year off right! I’ve got an outfit if you want to dress to the nines and be sexy and sparkly! I’ve got an outfit if you want to look chic but not too dressy. And I’ve got a comfy outfit if you’re just staying in!

Sequence Dress (The Facny New Years Eve Outfit)

Fancy New Years Eve Outfit

I am absolutely in love with this dress! It’s sparkly, it’s sexy, and it’s so so flattering! This dress is perfect if you want to dress up for new years, whether you’re going out to a fun and safe event, having a new years eve zoom party, or having a small household party! Just because you can’t go to a big party, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up! I got this dress from Amazon, and you can find it HERE. For reference, the color I am wearing is champagne and it’s a size small. It also comes in a variety of colors, but I will say this color seems more gold than champagne but it is absolutely stunning! And it’s a beautiful dress to have on hand for future events.

Chic Skirt with Tights

Chic Outfit

This is the same outfit I recommended in my Christmas outfits post but I think it can double as a New Years Eve outfit as well. It’s a classy outfit that is great for the holiday season. This outfit is perfect if you want to dress up just a little, and not be full new years glam. This outfit, like the previous outfit, is great for small safe gatherings, zoom calls, or mini household events. I love this outfit because it’s chic and a little bit flirty. It’s fairly easy to put together. I took a solid long sleeve V-neck tucked into a black skirt with gold buttons. Then I added some tights and boots to complete the outfit. Gold jewelry would look especially nice with this outfit.

Joggers (The comfy New Years Eve Outfit)

Comfy New Years Eve Outfit

Let’s be honest, this is the outfit we’re really going to be wearing this year! I will definitely be lounging at home ringing in the new year with some ultra cute lounge wear! Between the joggers trend of 2019 and the loungewear trend of 2020, I’m sure you’ve got a pair of cute sweats, leggings, or joggers in your closet. I paired mine with a solid long sleeve tee. You could also add some fun colorful jewelry to brighten up the look and feel fun and festive! If you’re just staying home, you could add a cute pair of fuzzy socks to keep warm and liven up the look.


Let’s be honest, you could wear any one of these outfits regardless of your plans. If you want to stay home and wear the sparkly sequence dress, rock it! And if you want to go to a small gathering and wear cute joggers, do it! Any one of these outfits is perfect to ring in the new year! Looking cute and feeling fabulous is a great way to start the new year. I hope you all have a safe and fun new years and I wish you happiness in the new year!

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