3 Fun Christmas Outfits 2020 Even If You’re Staying In

This Christmas is going to look a little different for most of us with the lockdown in place. This means being unable to go to parties or gatherings. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t still dress up! Wearing cute, festive, or comfy outfits on Christmas is so much fun! I’ve got a feeling most of us will gravitate towards a comfy outfit this year, but I’m going to give you a few options! I have an outfit if you would like a cute classy look this year, perhaps for a household gathering. I also have a festive outfit for you to go all out Christmas! And of course, I have a comfy outfit if you’re having an intimate Christmas in.

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1. Red Top Black Skirt

Classy Christmas Outfit

This is a very classy and chic look. The red definitely screams Christmas but the black keeps it classy. This is a fun outfit if you want to look nice but not necessarily over-the-top Christmas. For this outfit I simply paired a plain red long sleeved top with a black skirt. To make this more winter friendly I also added some tights and boots. This outfit is a nice base to add some nice jewelry as well. I would recommend some gold hoops or a simple necklace. Alternitively, you could wear this same outfit with a green top in place of the red top and it would look just as classy! Both red and green pair well with gold jewelry.

2. Green Top Red Skirt

Warning, this is a VERY Christmassy outfit haha! This outfit is so fun and bright; a perfect Christmas Outfit! I got this pleated skirt from Amazon, you can find it here. It’s fancier than an everyday skirt but it isn’t too over-the-top. I personally love this look with this green top; it makes it more festive. However this would also look beautiful with a gold, silver, or black top. You could certainly pair this with tights for some extra warmth but I prefer this look without tights. If you are concerned about the weather you add come accessories, I have a whole post about accessories to help keep you warm in the winter that you can check out here. Similar to the previous outfit, this would look lovely with some gold jewelry. I also paired this with some wedge booties, but flats or pumps would also be very cute.

3. An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Cozy Christmas Outfit

This is my comfy Christmas outfit idea, and one of my favorite Christmas outfits! This is a classic look and it’s so fun and cozy. I got my very first ugly christmas sweater last year and I love it so much! My boyfriend and I got matching ones (my idea!) and they are so fun and warm. Unfortunately the one I got from Amazon doesn’t appear to be listed anymore but they have so many great ones! I’m wearing mine with jeans in this photo but it would also be cute with leggings, and cozier! Christmas sweaters tend to lean more unisex so you could easily get the same sweater for the whole family to match! I just think these are so fun and festive, I really do think everyone needs one!

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