How to Wear Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots have been trending for a couple years now, and rightfully so! They’re so cute and chic. Problem is, they can be a bit difficult to style sometimes. Because of how high up they come and how much of your leg the cover, they can’t be thrown on with most outfits like ankle boots or knee-high boots. The length of the rest of the outfit plays a big role in styling these boots, as well as offsetting the weight of the shoe. Here I’ve compiled a couple of looks that work well with thigh high boots.


A skirt can look really cute with thigh-high boots. The trick is to find a skirt that is short enough to show that bit of skin between the top of the boots and the bottom of the skirt. That’s what’s going to elongate your legs and make the outfit work. You don’t want your skirt to go past the boots, that is not a cute look and can make the outfit look clunky and not well put together. But finding a short skirt is a great look for these boots. It works well with a flared-out skirt or a tight fitting one. This look will also look great with a shorter dress!

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Sweaters are also a great pairing with thigh high boots. The weight of the sweater will counteract the boots for a more even and flattering look. For this look, a chunky sweater is perfect for a more relaxed style with these shoes. Or, you can opt for a longer sweater for a different look. If you’re going for the bigger sweater, I recommend pairing it with some jeans. If you’re going for the long sweater look, I’d grab a pair of leggings for a sleeker look.


Another outfit choice for these boots is a cardigan. Similar to the sweater, a cardigan will help to counteract the heaviness of the boots. It adds an extra layer to bring the outfit together and make it look more cohesive. This look is also great because it allows more room to play with different colors and patterns. This can also be swapped out for a jacket, anything that adds an extra layer to counteract the boots.

Of course, these aren’t the only looks to be worn with thigh high boots, but they are some examples to give you an idea of what works. Thigh high boots give a lot of weight to your legs in comparison to most shoes, so it’s really important you have more than a t-shirt on top, or else it’ll look uneven and unflattering. Keeping heavier clothes or layers on top is important for these shoes, with the exception of skirts and dresses where you have that bit of skin showing between the boots and the bottom of the skirt or dress. I hope you’ve got an idea of how to wear these amazing shoes, and have the confidence to totally rock them next time you go out!

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