How to Style Up a Baggy T-Shirt

Owning a baggy t-shirt can certainly have its benefits. They’re great for wearing around the house on lazy days, they look cute with leggings, and they’re a great casual look. However, you don’t want those baggy t-shirts sitting around in your closet waiting for a lazy Sunday. Take those t-shirts out for a spin and dress them up with these styling tips!

  1. Black Jeans

The first way to dress up a baggy t-shirt is to tuck it in to a pair of black jeans. Tucking in the shirt will give it a more fitted look, accentuate your waist, and look much more styled. Black jeans are ultra-chic and sophisticated. Wearing black jeans rather than blue jeans give off a dressier vibe. You can dress it up as much as you like with the accessories and shoes you choose.

2. Jacket

The next way to style up a baggy t-shirt is to tie it up and add a jacket. It’s a pretty popular style to tie up a baggy t-shirt with a little knot in the front, side, or back of the shirt. This style is cute, but sometimes the little knot doesn’t look great, or isn’t quite the look you’re going for. If you add a jacket over the t-shirt, it hides the knot, adds another layer to the outfit, and looks stylish! This is a great way to make the shirt fit better without committing to the knotted look.

3. Skirt

The last way to style a baggy t-shirt is to tuck it in to a skirt. Like the black jeans outfit, this will accentuate your waist and help the shirt look not so baggy. The skirt adds a more feminine look to the outfit and is super fun and flirty. You can also style it up a step further by adding a nice pair of heels. This look is best with a flared skirt; a more fitted skirt might show the tucked in shirt which is not a cute look.

These are my styling tips for dressing up a baggy t-shirt. I hope you find a few you can try and put those baggy t-shirts to use! Be sure to check out my other posts for more styling tips!

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