How to Style Floral Prints

I’m a big lover of floral prints! They’re girly and pretty bright! But sometimes they can be tricky to style. They can easily clash and look way too overdone. Knowing how to style your floral prints is the key to looking fabulous! No one wants to look trashy in florals! Here are my styling tips to wearing floral prints without looking like a mess!

Wear with Black

My first tip is to wear floral prints with black. If you have a floral top, wear it with black jeans, slacks, or leggings. If you have floral pants, wear them with a black top. Black looks amazing with florals, and allows the print to stand out without competing against another color or pattern. Wearing florals with black is sleek and chic!

Match Jewelry

My next tip is to match your jewelry to the colors in the floral print. If there’s a lot of bright pinks and purples, find jewerly with those same colors, it will play well with the outfit and not run the risk of clashing. Or, if the outfit is mostly colorful flowers with a few green leaves, find some green jewelry to accentuate the bits of green in the outfit! Just be sure if you’re using any colored jewelry it matches the colors in the outfit.

Bright Lipstick

My last tip is to wear a bright lipstick! Just like the jewelry, match your lip color to the colors in the pattern. Match the bright or soft pinks, purples, reds. If the floral print mainly contains colors like blue or green, I do not recomend this, as those colors can be tricky to pull off. But this works great for the more common lipstick colors. Having a pop of color on the lips always looks great when you have black in the outfit.

If you use these tips for styling your floral prints, you’re bound to put together a killer outfit! I hope this post encourages you to add a couple more floral prints to your closet as well, because they look amazing when you style them right! Be sure to check out my other posts for more styling tips!

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