How to Style A White T-shirt for Fall

A plain white t-shirt is a staple that everyone should have in their closet. It goes well with a variety of different outfits, and is so versatile! It can easily be transitioned between seasons and styles. White t-shirts are most often worn in the summer and spring because of its fresh and bright color. But a white t-shirt doesn’t have to sit in your closet all fall and winter! Here’s how to transition your white t-shirt from summer to fall:

  1. Tucked in to Jeans

The simplest way to style a white t-shirt is probably my favorite, and that’s to tuck it in to your favorite pair of jeans, and add some cute sneakers! It has such a classic vibe to it, and it’s so easy to style but looks so fashionable and well put together. To take it to another level, try adding a nice red lipstick; I personally adore the white t-shirt and red lipstick look! Anyone else feeling 50’s vibes? I love this look so much!

2. Add a Jacket

Now, to take this from a summer look to a fall look, simply add a jacket! This can be a jean jacket, a leather jacket, a cardigan, a bomber jacket, any jacket you’ve got, add it to the look! It will obviously keep you warmer, but it also adds that fall look to the outfit, and because white is a neutral, you can add any color or pattern you’d like!

3. Add Boots

If you want to take your fall look a step further, swap out those sneakers for a pair of boots! You can try combat boots, wedge boots, knee high boots, any boots you love! Boots definitely say fall, and will elevate this look to peak fall coziness! The only trick to this is to make sure your boots match well with whatever jacket you’ve chosen. Make sure at least one of them is a solid color, and that if they are two different colors, they go together!

So, there’s how to take your white t-shirt from summer to fall! I hope you found this post helpful, and won’t allow your white t-shirts to sit in your closet waiting for summer! Be sure to check out my other blog posts for more styling tips!

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