How to Pair Liptsick to Outfit Color

Lipstick is the final touch to a perfect outfit, but sometimes figuring out which color matches your outfit can be a challenge. While you could pick whatever lipstick you wanted, there are certain colors that may clash, and other colors that will really compliment the outfit. Here I’ve listed which lipstick colors look best with which outfit colors.

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Light Pink and Nude

  • Bold colors
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Purple


  • Light Colors
    • Yellow
    • white
    • Tan
  • Red
    • only if it is the exact same shade of red as the lipstick


  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green

Deep Purple/Mauve

  • White
  • Fall Colors
    • Maroon
    • Orange
    • Yellow (light)

Any Shade

  • Black
  • White

These are just basic guidelines for what colors go best together. But you can have fun and play around with your lipsticks and see which ones look best with your outfits!

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