8 Fall Inspired Outfits

The fall season is upon us. Pumpkin spice fills the air, the leaves are changing color, and the outfits are about to get a whole lot cozier! Transitioning from summer outfits to fall outfits can sometimes be overwhelming. From sundresses to cardigans and sandals to boots, it can be difficult to craft the perfect fall look. So, I’ve put together a list of 8 outfits perfect for the fall weather!

  1. Long sleeve dress

Fall is the perfect season to pull out those long-sleeved dresses! They keep you nice and warm on top, while still being appropriate for when it inevitably heats up in the afternoon! Or, if fall is a bit brisker where you live, you can throw on a pair of tights underneath! I’ve styled this long sleeve navy blue dress with an infinity scarf and a pair of black wedge boots!

2. Body Suit and Skirt

In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t like giving up summer clothes in the fall! I think skirts can totally be worn in the fall, especially form fitting skirts that don’t run the risk of giving you an accidental Marilyn Monroe moment if the wind picks up! Wearing a long sleeve body suit with a skirt is a beautiful fall look! I’ve paired this black body suit with a maroon skirt and added a pair of combat boots for a fun edgy look!

3. A Loose Shirt and Leggings

Leggings are the ultimate go-to in the fall. They’re warm and comfortable, and can be incredibly versatile . Pairing them with a loose-fitting shirt gives off relaxed vibes perfect for fall. Here I’ve grabbed a classic pair of black leggings and added a loose long sleeve blue shirt and completed the look with some black wedge boots!

4. T-shirt and Cardigan

Another fall classic that is so timeless. A patterned or solid t-shirt with a cardigan is absolutely perfect for fall, and there are so many options when it comes to cardigans; you can definitely find one that fits your style. Here I’ve got a white t-shirt with my long maroon cardigan, and paired it with jeans and a pair of classic black and white sneakers!

5. Plaid Shirt and Leggings

Here we go again with the leggings! A plaid shirt pairs so nicely with leggings, and you can choose to wear it buttoned up, or open with a shirt underneath. Here I’ve paired a blue and red button up plaid shirt with some black leggings and sneakers for a more casual look, but this would also be cute with a pair of boots!

6. T-shirt and a Jacket

This look is similar to the cardigan look, but a jacket is a totally different style. The cardigan is very soft and relaxed, whereas swapping it for a jacket gives a much more edgy and sharp look. Here I’ve taken the same black shirt and added a faux leather jacket along with some jeans and combat boots, and boom! a totally different look!

7. Sweater Dress

Ah the sweater dress, a cute and comfortable look that can really only be worn in the fall. It’s so cute and cozy, with a little more of a fall vibe than the long sleeve dress. I’ve got a tan hooded sweater dress that I’ve paired with my wedge boots to elongate my legs in an outfit that definitely reveals my height (which is only 5’1). Combat boots would also compliment this look well!

8. Off the Shoulder Shirt and Jeans

Off the shoulder shirts can be tricky to pair, especially this one that happens to be long sleeve; too hot in the summer but too cold in the winter! Fall is the perfect season for it, and it is such a cute look! I’ve got this long sleeve off the shoulder shirt with a pair of jeans and combat boots! This is also a great base outfit to play around with some colorful jewelry!

Those are my 8 fall inspired looks! I hope you’ve found a few you like or a few you’re excited to try! Fall is such a fun time for fashion and there are most definitely more looks beyond the ones I’ve compiled. Have fun styling your fall looks!

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