5 Ways to Style Joggers

Joggers have become widely popular in the past year. Every fashion company is filled with fun patterned joggers. I used to be anti-sweatpants in public. But with these new joggers with fun patterns and fitted ankles, this is a trend I can totally get behind! The trick to wearing joggers is knowing how to style them. These aren’t your basic blue jeans you can wear with anything; they have to be styled a particular way to be cute. I’ve compiled a list of 5 ways you can style joggers and look fabulous!

  1. A Tucked in Shirt

A loose shirt is not a flattering look with joggers. If you want a look that will flatter your figure, a tucked in shirt is the way to go! It shows off your waist and is ultra-chic. This is probably the simplest style to wear with joggers but is so so cute on anyone, and it’s so versatile . You can mix and match so many colors and styles of shirts and joggers!

2. Cropped shirt

Another cute style with joggers is a cropped shirt. A loose fitting or tight-fitting shirt will work great. This is a very fun and flirty style, and the cropped look adds a different vibe than the tucked in shirt (of course both are very cute though!). Again, this is a fun way to play around with color and pattern!

3. Body Suit

Similar to the t-shirt looks, a body suit is a very flattering style with joggers. This is honestly probably my favorite way to wear joggers. A body suit is more fitted than a regular shirt and therefore flatters your figure with the loose joggers. Body suite are also fun because you can find lots of styles and patterns all while staying fitted and flattering.

4. Combat Boots

As far as shoes go, combat boots are so chic and edgy when it comes to joggers. It’s such a great look that will make you look so stylish and put together! These boots will look great no matter which top you choose to pair with them!

5. Fitted Shirt and a Jacket

Want to elevate the t-shirt and joggers look? Add a jacket. This will take the look from cute and casual, to chic and stylish! You do however have to be more careful with color and pattern, now that you’re matching 3 articles of clothing, you don’t want anything to clash! Make sure you stick with a color scheme, and not all 3 are different patterns! A plain jacket and t-shirt with patterned joggers is a great way to go!

These are my styling tips for joggers! Whether you’re trying to style those super cute joggers you just bought, or have a cute pair sitting anxiously in the cart, I hope you found this post helpful and are ready to rock those joggers!

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