5 Outfits to Wear with Leggings

Leggings are often associated with exercise clothes, leisure wear, or just “lazy clothes.” And while leggings are very comfortable and great for wearing around the house, they make a great basic piece to build an outfit around. Especially a solid pair of black leggings; they are so versatile and a great staple piece for every closet. Here are 5 cute ways to wear leggings.

  1. Long Shirt

The first way to wear leggings is with a long shirt and a pair of boots. This is a classic way to wear leggings and is always going to look fashionable. This style will elongate your figure, especially if you add a pair of heeled boots, like combat boots. This look is also a great transitional outfit between seasons where you can easily throw on a jacket in the morning and take it off in the afternoon when it starts to heat up.

2. Cropped Shirt

The next way to wear leggings is with a cropped shirt and a pair of sneakers. This outfit is great for showing off your figure, and you can choose to show a little skin or not depending on how cropped your shirt is. Pair this with some chunky sneakers to give off some sporty and carefree vibes.

3. Cardigan

A classic fall outfit with leggings is to pair them with a plain t-shirt and a cardigan. This outfit just screams fall! You can also accentuate your legs by adding a pair of wedge boots in the same color as the leggings. This is a cozy look to get you in the mood for apple pie and cinnamon vanilla candles!

4. Fitted Shirt

For an added layer of style to leggings, try them with a fitted shirt, scarf, and boots. The fitted shirt along with leggings will give you a smooth and tall figure, and the scarf and boots will add a bit of texture to the look for some added style. I personally love infinity scarves but you can use whatever scarf you know how to style!

5. Plaid Shirt

If you’re looking for the classic casual style with leggings, you can’t go wrong with a button up plaid shirt. It’ll give off some relaxed vibes while still being a stylish and fun outfit! This style looks great with sneakers or a great pair of boots!

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