5 Outfits to go on a Casual Date

Figuring out what to wear on a date can be stressful, especially when it’s the first date! Should you dress up? Is it a casual thing? No one wants to be over or underdressed on a date. So, I’ve compiled a list of outfits to wear on a date that are perfectly in between casual and dressy. These are outfits to wear when you know you’re not going to a 5-star classy restaurant , but it’s also not a casual outfit for someone you’ve been with for years. These outfits are casual enough that you won’t look overdressed, but sill super cute and flirty!

  1. Skater Dress and Sandals

This is a great go-to outfit for a date! Skater dresses are fairly casual but are also very fun and flirty. You can find so many colors and patterns for this style of dress that will most definitely fit your look! This look is flattering paired with sandals for a more casual date, but you can also dress it up with a pair of heels if you’d like!

2. Jeans and a Dressy Top

For a more casual look than a dress, you can opt for some jeans! I’d recommend a darker wash just so it looks a bit more dressed up than a lighter wash jean. Add a dressier top to go with the jeans for a more stylish look. Here I’m wearing a crushed velvet top which is very cute and always looks dressed up. Really anything more than a basic t-shirt will add to this look and be date appropriate. The shoes you pick depend on the weather and how fancy you want to look. Boots for a cooler day and a dressier look, or heels for a warmer day and a dressier look, or sneakers for a casual cooler or warmer day!

3. Black Jeans and a Girly Top

This is a step up from the blue jeans and dressy top look. Black jeans are dressier and have a more elegant look. These also look so cute with a nice girly top. A cute floral print, off the shoulder, or any frilly top would be great! Pairing this look with some black heels will elongate your legs for a nice smooth look. Or, pair it with shoes that match the top for a styled put together look!

4. Casual Sweater and a Skirt

This is a fun and girly look that’s great for transition seasons (spring and fall). The sweater brings a relaxed and casual vibe to this look, but the skirt adds a styled up and dressier look. The shoes you pick depend on the weather and how dressy you’d like the look to be. For spring, sandals are cute for casual, and heels are better for dressy. For the fall, sneakers or boots can be casual, but boots can also be dressier depending on the boots you choose (combat, wedge, knee high, etc).

5. Long Sleeve Shirt, Jeans, Jacket

This look is great for those colder months. Start with a long sleeve shirt, preferably one that’s fitted, then add a jacket on top that matches well. This looks great with a pair of jeans; you can go with blue or black for this look. Then add a pair of boots to go with it! An optional accessory would be to add a scarf if it’s going to be particularly cold, or if you just want to style up the look a little bit more!

These are my 5 looks to go on a casual date! I hope you found a few that you like and can wear on your next date! Going on a date isn’t all about the outfit, but if you look great, you’ll feel great, which is always important! Be sure to check out my other blog posts for more styling tips!

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