4 Basic Styling Tips: How to be Fashionable

I believe that style is personal, and whatever you feel confident in is what looks best on you. But I also believe in the rules of fashion and that there are certain styles that look better than others. These styling tips help you to look well put together, flatter your figure, and look like you know how to style an outfit! No matter how you choose to dress, these tips can help you to always look and feel your best!

  1. Loose pants, tight shirt

My first tip is to pair loose fitting pants with a tighter fitting shirt or body suit. A pair of joggers, cargo pants, or flare pants will look most flattering when paired with a tighter top. It defines your body shape and accentuates your curves. Wearing a loose shirt with loose pants will leave you swimming in your outfit and will not flatter your figure. A tight top with loose pants will especially bring out your waist and show off your gorgeous figure!

2. Tight pants, loose top

This tip is the opposite of the first tip. If you have a tighter pair of pants like leggings or skinny jeans; they will look best paired with a looser fitting top. This look is great for those feminine flowy tops or blouses. Leggings in particular look very pretty with loose fitting relaxed tops. This look accentuates your hips and legs and can make you look taller, especially with black boots and black leggings.

3. One Pattern

It used to be a very well-known fashion rule that you cannot put two different patterns into one outfit, but it seems in the past few years it has become more and more common to mix patterns. Personally, I am old fashioned and I do not like to mix patterns in an outfit. I think it tends to clash and doesn’t let any one pattern shine. Having one pattern allows you to play around with colors in accessories to help bring out the pattern. However, if one pattern is subtle enough I think you could certainly make it work well. I generally think it looks more fashionable to have one pattern per outfit and is a classic rule that will always stand the test of time.

4. Matching Shoes

This is another rule that I see broken a lot but is one I chose to follow. I think your shoes should match your outfit. If you have an outfit with blue and green tones in it, you probably shouldn’t pair it with purple shoes; it just doesn’t go. That’s not to say your shoes have to be the exact same color as your outfit, but the colors should at least go together. Patterned shoes look great with solid colored outfits and vice versa. But if you’re not sure if the colors in your shoes match the colors in your outfit, neutrals are always a safe bet. That’s why I have so many black and white shoes, they go with everything. It is fun to have colored shoes, just be sure you know what outfits and colors you can match them with.

These are some of my basic styling tips for being fashionable. But like I said, whatever makes you feel good is what you should wear. If your style doesn’t follow these rules, wear it anyway. These are just some rules I like to follow when I put my outfits together, and they are universally flattering. Be sure to check out my other posts for more styling tips.

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